BDBF opens second congress

Cập nhật: 12-10-2019 | 10:18:18

On the afternoon of October 11, Binh Duong province’s Business Federation (BDBF) opened its second congress for the 2019-2024 tenure.

The new Excutive Board of BDBF for the 2019-2024 tenure introduced at the congress

Reportedly, BDBF well realized the set tasks, basically meeting its goal of “working for the sake of enterprises, community and nation”; gathered and supported enterprises to work effectively; helped enterprises exchange mutual experience in management, market expansion; promoted sustainable development of enterprises and the local economy…in the last tenure.

In the 2019-2024 tenure, BDBF will continue perfecting its framework of organization, admit additional new members with the goal of “creating true values for members”; hold periodical meetings for members to share experience and exchange with successful entrepreneurs…

Provincial Business Federation will also introduce partners to members; carry out tours on market survey and practical support activities for enterprises; hold conferences, symposia sharing information of projects; set up a website providing enterprises and members with necessary information. In addition, the unit will make efforts to well hold its role as a bridge between members and functional agencies; contribute ideas to legal documents for enterprises…

The congress also norminated a new executive board of BDBF, including 15 members. Mai Huu Tin was re-elected as Chairman of BDBF for the 2019-2024 tenure.

*On the afernoon of the same day, BDFD held a ceremony to mark Vietnam Enterpreneurs’Day, October 13.

The event was attended by Nguyen Hoang Thao, Pernament Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee; Tran Thanh Liem, Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of provincial People’s Committee; Vo Van Minh, member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Chairman of provincial People’s Council.

Addressing the ceremony, Mr.Liem reviewed major hallmarks of Vietnamese enterpreneurs while stressing that provincial enterprenuer community have constantly grown up, affirming their role and position in the cause of the local construction and development. He also asked for the local sectors and authorities at all levels to focus on removing obstacles, creating optimal conditions for enterprises to make startup, innovation, creation and develop their production-business activities. BDBF also needs to have close coordination with functional agencies to strengthen a task of learning about the market for production-business promotion; created basic changes in terms of enterprises’quality, effectiveness and competitiveness on the way of international integation and sustainable development.

Reported by Phuong Le-Translated by K.T

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