Markets, supermarkets provide abundant goods, stable prices

Cập nhật: 07-04-2020 | 10:02:30

Trading activities at conventional markets, supermarkets, and commercial centers in the province during the period of social distancing still take place normally. Goods are supplied adequately and meet the demand of people.

Goods at supermarkets in Binh Duong are plentiful and ensure sufficient supply to consumers.

 All operations take place as usual

On April 1, at Binh Duong Co.op supermarket, the number of customers coming to the supermarket was not too large, there was no scrambling for goods among customers. On the loudspeaker, customers who came to the supermarket were reminded to wear face mask before entering the supermarket, and also asked for body temperature measurement, disinfected hands, and keeping a distance of 2m between customers. Areas of vegetables, dried food, fresh food... were fully supplemented. Rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, instant noodles ... were still selected by most customers but not too much.

At Big C Binh Duong supermarket, goods were also added to shelves right from early morning. Fresh food and rice were carefully prepared by the supermarket, so they were very fresh. In addition to abundant goods, this supermarket also offered discounts on many items to share difficulties with consumers.

Similarly, at convenience stores under Bach Hoa Xanh, Co.op Food systems also welcome customers to shop as usual according to of the directive of Government. Foods and commodities were supplemented timely. “Our staff are reminded not to let shelves be empty, to avoid creating a feeling of scarcity of goods, causing insecurity to customers", said the head of Bach Hoa Xanh convenience store on Tran Van On Street, Phu Hoa Ward. At traditional markets such as Phu Hoa, Thu Dau Mot, Lai Thieu... from early in the morning, housewives also came here buy food quickly.

Adequate supply of goods

Previously, due to misinterpretation of social distancing, the purchasing power at supermarkets increased by 50%. However, thanks to timely updated information, people's mentality has stabilized. According to leaders of supermarkets and shopping centers in the province, supermarkets and shopping centers still open and welcome customers normally during the period of social distancing. The supply of goods is also abundant thanks to early planning. According to a representative of Big C Binh Duong supermarket, opening time of this supermarket does not change. Big C system in Binh Duong in particular and the whole country still works normally. Essential goods is always sufficient to supply to customers. The supermarket has increased its stock to 2-5 times. Negotiations and contracts with suppliers, distributors, farms are normal. Goods at Big C are always plentiful, stable prices.

Duong Bao Khuong, Deputy Director of Co.op Mart Binh Duong, said that many months ago, Saigon Co.op system had prepared a very large inventory of goods including groups of essential products, that are able to meet the demand in the next 3-6 months. Therefore, customers should not buy many goods, avoid improper storage techniques and spoiled food, increasing unnecessary costs. According to Mr. Khuong, essential product groups always maintain its stability as the supermarket regularly evaluates and analyzes the market supply and demand, thereby making a reasonable supply plan. In addition, the supermarket also negotiated with suppliers to increase stockpiles to timely supply goods. In terms of selling prices, the supermarket does not increase prices of most product categories, even offers some discount programs to keep prices low to the people during the epidemic season.

Reported by Truc Huynh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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