Young workers and business brands

Cập nhật: 15-11-2019 | 08:45:09

The Center for Supporting Young Workers and Young Workers in the province has just organized a contest of young workers with business brands, in response to the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods".

Participating in the contest, there were 8 teams from the Youth Workers Club attached to the center, the teams competed in knowledge and skills in selecting and purchasing Vietnamese branded products and goods. At the supermarket, see the skits related to food safety issues for the lives of people in general and workers in particular.

The contest, aimed at building the image and brand of Vietnam, helps people, especially young workers, have more knowledge in shopping, avoiding the situation of buying the wrong products of poor quality, of unknown origin; At the same time, change the perception of goods quality of today’s Vietnamese businesses.

Reported by Trung Hieu – Translated by Vi Bao

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