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Over VND 2 billion disbursed for textbooks at schools

Update: 15-09-2020 | 11:03:16

Following national movements, in 2020-2021 school-year, textbook distribution is carried out across the province for grade 1. Under guidance of educational sector, at each elementary school, textbooks are selected by specific conditions of localities from the 5 sets of textbooks recommended by Ministry of Education and Training. As the matter of fact, textbooks will be varied in schools among 5 sets published by ‘Ket noi tri thuc voi cuoc song’ (the connection of knowledge and life), ‘Chan troi sang tao’ (the creative horizon), ‘Cung hoc de phat trien nang luc’ (let’s learn to develop competence), ‘Vi su binh dang va dan chu trong giao duc’ (for equality and democracy of education), and ‘Canh dieu’ (the kite).

So as to assist students of harsh and poor live hoods to have the textbooks, Binh Duong Provincial Department of Education and Training used over VND 2 billion of its non-frequent out-payments in 2020 to purchase the textbooks and offer to libraries of schools that lend books to those students while equipping teachers with textbooks for reference. Besides, the ‘Canh dieu’ publisher has recently donated 100 sets of textbooks to Provincial Department of Education and Training to allocate to districts and towns. Thus, in the new school year, all grade 1 students including those in harsh and poor conditions should have textbooks for their learning.

Reported by Hong Thai – Translated by Vi Bao

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