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Phu Cuong with ceaseless innovation and development

Update: 18-09-2020 | 11:12:37

Over the past years, the Party, government and people of Phu Cuong ward in TDM city surmounted difficulties, making efforts to be worthy of being the central ward of the city. In the 2020-2025 tenure, the ward further upheld the spirit of solidarity, unification and joined hands in the local construction towards civilization-prosperity-modernity; built up a pure and strong Party organization.

Matching with scale of central ward

Along with the local common development, Phu Cuong ward’s economy continued reaching robust growth towards trade-services and home industrial manufacture, contributing to improving the lives of the local people.

Truong Thi Thu Hien, Secretary of Phu Cuong ward’s Party Committee said that urban rejuvenation is seen as a highlight, obviously changing the local image. Over the past five years, the ward built green parks from public areas at people’s demand for entertainment. Many projects on trade centers, traffic infrastructure connecting with the central wards of the city were also carried out, contributing to building up the local flexible, civilized and modern urban image. The ward realized 57 works with total investment of nearly VND13billion. Currently, the whole ward has 100% of alleys covered by concrete and installed with lighting systems. There are also 100% of households in use of clean water, 100% of waste collected and treated, all 14 quarters with spacious headquarters…

Especially, the ward promoted the campaign of civilized urban and new-style rural construction during the 2015-2020 period. The ward also paid more attention to socio-cultural fields. The ward is now home to 5 out of 8 schools meeting national standards. The ward well realized a task of taking care of policy beneficiary and poor households. The ward’s movement of “All people consolidate to build cultural lifestyle” in association with the campaign of “civilized urban and new-style rural construction” gained positive results. There were 97.5%, 92% and 97% of families, quarters and lodging facilities reaching cultural titles…Moreover, the ward focused on administrative reform through the models of “Friendly government”, “Friendly workplace”…, contributing to winning people’s trust in the local administration.

Towards civilization, modernity

According to Mr.Hien, Phu Cuong ward in the 2020-2025 period will further put focus on trade-services and home industrial production; well realize solutions to absorb more hi-quality services; mobilize all resources to develop it towards civilization, prosperity and modernity; boost administrative reform, urban rejuvenation in line with the scale of a central ward of the city; improve the quality of the “civilized urban and new-style rural construction” campaign, make environmental protection, constantly enhance the material and spiritual lives of people; ensure social welfare, effectively dealing with people’s urgent issues; maintain political security, social order-safety; strengthen the effectiveness, efficiency of State management; build up a pure and powerful Party organization.

To achieve the above targets, the ward will promote trade-services, creating favorable conditions to lure hi-tech services; strive to raise the proportion of trade-services to 99% in the local economic structure to 2025; upgrade Thu Dau Mot market under the instructions of the province and the city. The ward will also further ensure the local construction-urban order; mobilize locals to take part in the campaign of “civilized urban and new-style rural construction”, maintain the model of “Ward with 3-Nos”, “Quarter with 3-Nos”; ensure 100% of streets under its management covered by asphalt, concrete and lighting systems, 100% of waste collected and treated, 100% of households in use of clean water…

With specific tasks, solutions, it is believed that the Party, government and people of Phu Cuong ward will fulfill the targets of the resolution set out in the 2020-2025 tenure.

Reported by Thu Thao-Translated by K.T



Phu Cuong
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