5-year implementation of government’s Decree No. 74/2015 summed up

Cập nhật: 24-10-2020 | 08:49:24

Early October 21, Binh Duong provincial People’s Committee organized a conference summing up 5 years of implementing the government’s Decree on people’s anti-aircraft. Attending and hosting the conference were Junior General Nguyen Van Hoang, the Deputy Commander and Deputy Head of the Steering Board of people’s anti-aircraft of the Number 7 Military Corps., Mai Hung Dung, member of Standing Board of Provincial Party Committee cum permanent Deputy Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee and Head of Provincial Steering Board of people’s anti-aircraft along with representatives of departments, sectors and 9 districts, towns, and cities of the province.

Provincial leaders present merit certificate of Provincial People’s Committee to collectives of brilliant achievements in tasks of people’s anti-aircraft in 2015-2020. Photo: Quoc Chien

In 2015-2020, the steering boards on people’s anti-aircraft of the province, districts, towns, and cities have constructed firm documental system. Along with that, the steering boards and local authorities have promoted information dissemination and education of people’s anti-aircraft among the officers, armed forces and people in terms of its role, importance and characteristics in the time of modern warfare and high-tech weapons servicing sabotage so that they would be more alert and be ensured of ready response to air-borne attacks, if possible, from the enemies.

Annually, the steering board of people’s anti-aircraft of the province takes care of constructing professional forces as required. Through the exercises, all-level participants have known the Decree No. 74 of the government and prepare for people’s backups for the armed forces. The activities help educate patriotism among the younger generations and elevate responsibilities of all-level authorities for the cause of constructing and protecting the nation in a new stage.

At the conference, representative of departments and localities have presented various speeches and feedbacks on advantages and disadvantages as well as experience of people’s anti-aircraft in the past 5 years while proposing more tasks and measures to improve such tasks in 2020-2025.

On the occasion, Provincial People’s Committee presented merit certificates to 13 collectives and 19 individuals for their excellent contribution into people’s anti-aircraft in 2015-2020.

Reported by Thu Thao – Translated by Vi Bao

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