<![CDATA[Tin Tức]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/rss/cate/society/ Thu, 01 Jan 1970 08:00:23 +0800 (baobinhduong.vn) Zend_Feed http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss <![CDATA[Lives of ethnic minority people get better]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/lives-of-ethnic-minority-people-get-better-a212439.html Thanks to the attention and support of authorities at all levels, the lives of the local ethnic minority people have got better with new houses built,]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[Gifts offered to the blind]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/gifts-offered-to-the-blind-a212440.html Provincial Red Cross Society has just held a delegation to visit and offer gifts to 120 members of Binh Phuoc provincial Blind Association.]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[Province has 56 relics ranked at all levels]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/province-has-56-relics-ranked-at-all-levels-a212441.html The province now has a total of 56 historical and cultural relics ranked at all levels. This year, Di An communal house has just been recognized as a national-level relic.]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[“Great unity” house donated to the poor]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/great-unity-house-donated-to-the-poor-a212443.html Thuan An town’s Women’s Union has just coordinated with the Steering Board of Tan Thanh border posts and Tan Tien commune’s Women’s Union in Bu Dop district]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[ILO applauds Vietnam’s adoption of revised Labour Code]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/ilo-applauds-vietnam-s-adoption-of-revised-labour-code-a212385.html The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has praised Vietnam’s adoption of the revised Labour Code on November 20, saying that the code will held everyone gain fair benefits]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[Community-based health care]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/community-based-health-care-a212369.html In the third quarter of 2019, all levels of Provincial Red Cross actively propagated and raised officials and members’ awareness of environmental protection...]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[Being grateful to teachers with whole heart...]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/being-grateful-to-teachers-with-whole-heart--a212371.html Noble is teaching. Therefore, on annual Vietnam Teachers' Day (20 Nov), the whole society honors teachers, who devote themselves for the education cause.]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[Provincial Red Cross Society upholds “For all people” spirit]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/provincial-red-cross-society-upholds-for-all-people-spirit-a212382.html Upholding the spirit of “For all people”, provincial Red Cross Societies at all levels have brought the joy to many poor people,]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[157 people give blood]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/157-people-give-blood-a212383.html On the occasion of the 73rd founding anniversary of the Vietnam Red Cross Society (November 23, 1946-November 23, 2019), TDM city’s Red Cross Society, on November 20,]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[Gifts donated to the poor in Ben Tre]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/gifts-donated-to-the-poor-in-ben-tre-a212384.html TDM city’s Red Cross Society has just held a delegation to visit and offer gifts to needy people]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[Thuan An’s Ex-Teachers Association holds get-together to mark Vietnamese Teachers’ Day]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/thuan-an-s-ex-teachers-association-holds-get-together-to-mark-vietnamese-teachers-day-a212314.html Thuan An town’s Ex-Teachers Association has just held a get-together to mark the 37th anniversary of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day (November 20)]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[Provincial Military Command visits, congratulates schools on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/provincial-military-command-visits-congratulates-schools-on-vietnamese-teachers-day-a212315.html Provincial Military Command have just held delegations, led by Nguyen Hoang Minh, member of provincial Party Standing Committee,]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[Phan Chu Trinh primary-secondary-high school marks 10th anniversary, receives PM’s certificates of merit]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/phan-chu-trinh-primary-secondary-high-school-marks-10th-anniversary-receives-pm-s-certificates-of-merit-a212316.html Early November 19, Phan Chu Trinh primary-secondary-high school grandly held a ceremony to mark Vietnamese Teachers’ Day and its 10th anniversary.]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[The 1st Binh Duong Books’ Fair attracts a large number of students]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/the-1st-binh-duong-books-fair-attracts-a-large-number-of-students-a212309.html From 15 to 17 Nov at Hikari Food Court in Binh Duong New City, with the theme "Book - Starting a change"...]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700 <![CDATA[National unity – decisive factor for national safeguarding: PM]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/national-unity-decisive-factor-for-national-safeguarding-pm-a212262.html National unity has been a valuable tradition, a source of strength, and a decisive factor for all victories in the cause of national construction and defence]]> Sat, 23 Nov 2019 00:24:18 +0700