Mid-Autumn Festival for children having special circumstances

Cập nhật: 11-09-2019 | 14:06:29

Another Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. The atmosphere is bustling everywhere to celebrate a festival for children having special circumstances. From urban to rural areas, many preparatory activities are being carried out by all levels, sectors, unions, and localities to bring a joyful and happy Mid-Autumn Festival to children.

Le Minh Quoc Cuong, Director of Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, gives gifts to disadvantaged children.

Mid-Autumn Festival comes early to orphans

Mai Xanh Club, Thuan An Town Cultural Center in collaboration with Hue Fellow- Countrymen Association in Binh Duong held a Mid-Autumn Festival for orphaned children at Provincial Social Protection Center. At 4pm, many children excitedly gathered in at the center and received gifts, including moon cakes, lanterns, and toys. Provincial Social Protection Center also received items, such as: Medicines, diapers, milk, towels, with a total cost of over VND25 million.

The children were excited and watched lion dances, art performances, and took part in folk games. The program also had a quiz items with prizes. Many children overcome their complex and bravely answered the questions of the organizers. An interesting activity was to children was the procession of lanterns and receiving gifts. It was heartwarming to see smiles on children’s lips. In their eyes shined joy and happiness but also loomed sadness.

Currently, Provincial Social Protection Center is bringing up 63 orphans. As Mid-Autumn Festival comes, they dream of the fragrance of moon cakes bought by their moms, or lanterns from dads to have fun with friends on the full moon night of August. Nguyen Bao Thanh, Director of Provincial Social Protection Center, said: “Children's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are the most likely times for children to feel self-pity. Therefore, every year we try to create the best conditions for children to have fun and welcome Mid-Autumn Festival warmly and meaningfully”.

Thrilling mid-autumn festival for children

To bring a warm mid-autumn festival to poor, disadvantaged, orphaned, and disabled children, in recent days, charitable organizations, mass organizations, and localities in the province have been actively calling for contributions and donations to children’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

Pham Van Bay, Vice Chairman of Di An Town People's Committee, said: “On this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, Di An Town funded 1,096 gifts, each worth VND 250,000 for disadvantaged children, children in compassionate classes, children of poor workers. Especially, on the full moon night, the town will also present 250 gifts to wandering children at the program”.

Meanwhile, in localities of Dau Tieng District, Phu Giao District, Thu Dau Mot City, and towns of Thuan An, Ben Cat, Tan Uyen, all preparations for this Mid-Autumn Festival are now completed. Most districts and towns have 4 main activities: Colors of Mid-Autumn Festival, procession of lanterns, program "Giving lanterns - Lighting dreams", and giving gifts to disadvantaged children.

The peak time for Mid-Autumn activities for children having special circumstances in the province will start from 10 to 15 Sep (on the 12th to the 17th of lunar August). Province-level activities will be held on 11 Sep, while activities of districts, towns, and grassroots level will take place on 13 Sep.

Reported by Kim Ha – Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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