Nearly 400 thousand people participated in installing Bluezone app

Cập nhật: 14-08-2020 | 08:39:34

The latest statistics of the Ministry of Information and Communications as of August 11, Binh Duong is one of the 7 provinces and centrally-run cities with the most number of people installing Bluezone applications.

Youth union members of Thanh Phuoc ward instruct people to install Bluezone application. Photo: Nhu Y

According to the Department of Information and Communications, with the very active participation of the entire political system in the deployment of Bluezone applications, after more than a week of launching, the province had nearly 400,000 people. participating in installing Bluezone applications (accounting for 16.20% of the province's population). Installing Bluezone applications is one of the effective ways to help people protect themselves, while also helping health agencies to better control information and limit the spread of disease.

In order to contribute to supporting effective disease prevention and control, the Department of Information and Communications will continue to coordinate with departments, agencies, branches and localities to implement the direction of the Provincial People's Committee, strengthen propaganda and guidance so that people with smartphones can access and install Bluezone app.

Reported by Hong Thuan – Nhu Y – Translated by Vi Bao

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