To strengthen the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic in the high school graduation exam in 2020

Cập nhật: 09-08-2020 | 11:08:57

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic in the 2020 high school graduation exam in the context of complicated epidemic diseases in a number of provinces and cities, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee issued Official Letter 3041-CV / On August 6, 2020, all levels of Party committees, agencies and organizations of the Party are required to strengthen leadership, directing localities, units, political and social organizations to focus on implementing well disease prevention and control.

Accordingly, actively propagating on the mass media about the required purpose of the exam; on the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic along with the determination of the Party, State and the political system in epidemic prevention and control. Propaganda to strictly implement the direction of the Politburo, the Secretariat, the Government, the Prime Minister, the National Steering Committee for the prevention and control of diseases of Covid-19 and of the province on disease prevention and control.

The Party Committee of the Provincial People's Committee directs functional departments to coordinate closely to strengthen safety measures for exams, prepare the best conditions for educational institutions to ensure both implementation. the purpose and requirements of the exam are both well implemented in epidemic prevention and control, creating confidence and social consensus. Regularly supervise, inspect and urge epidemic prevention and control in educational and training establishments in the area, especially at test sites. Develop a plan to cope with disease developments during the examination. Strictly handle organizations and individuals that show subjective and irresponsible manifestations in the implementation of epidemic prevention and control regulations and exam regulations.

Translated by Vi Bao

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