Project "Preservation and development of Tuong Binh Hiep lacquer-painting village" will be announced

Cập nhật: 13-07-2020 | 14:22:02

Morning 8th July, Mai Hung Dung, Provincial Party Standing Member, Permanent Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee, chaired a meeting to ascertain the implementation progress of project "Preservation and development of Tuong Binh Hiep lacquer-painting village combined with tourism in Thu Dau Mot City".

The project has been directed by provincial and TDM City leaders, with the goal to preserve, develop a lacquer handicraft village in combination with tours visiting traditional craft villages, religious and cultural monuments. The announcement will be held in August 2020. The project fund is VND 105 billion and will be performed in 4 years (2020-2023).

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Dung agreed with the organization plan for the announcement, and proposals, recommendations of TDM City People's Committee. He also recommended TDM City People's Committee needed to establish a detailed planning for the PPC approval; to collect people's opinions in the community, sculpture and lacquer associations, to have options of relocation, compensation to residents...

Reported by Thoai Phuong - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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