Vietnam’s initiatives for ASEAN operation debated at SEOM 1/51

Cập nhật: 15-01-2020 | 18:05:30

Vietnam, as ASEAN Chair 2020, presented 14 initiatives, priorities and cooperation plans at the first meeting of the ASEAN Senior Economic Officials for the 51st ASEAN Economic Minister’ Meeting (SEOM 1/51), which took place in Hanoi from January 12-14.

Delegates to the first meeting of the ASEAN Senior Economic Officials for the 51st ASEAN Economic Minister’ Meeting (SEOM 1/51) pose for group photo.

SEOM 1/51 is the first meeting on economy in the ASEAN Year 2020, which mapped out three main tasks, Luong Hoang Thai, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT)’s Multi-border Commercial Policy, told the Vietnam News Agency on the sidelines of the event on January 14.

The first task is laying out economic priorities in 2020, with special attention to be paid to considering Vietnam’s proposals for the ASEAN’s major activities in the year, he said.

Discussions on the grouping’s operation programme in 2020 and unsettled problems hindering its operation will be included in the second task. Meanwhile, the other task lies with economic collaboration between the tem-member group and its partner countries.

To develop the ASEAN Community, the first step is reviewing what need to be adjusted and whether any new actions are required, he said, adding that this is also the top priority proposed by Vietnam, which has received high appraisals from other countries.

Other initiatives relate to the ASEAN’s comprehensive cooperation, such as ones on enhancing the framework against illegal fishing in the region, which have also been appreciated by other ASEAN member countries, he added.

There are initiatives regarding intra-bloc food security and e-commerce, according to the official./.


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