<![CDATA[Tin Tức]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/rss/cate/world/ Thu, 01 Jan 1970 08:00:15 +0800 (baobinhduong.vn) Zend_Feed http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss <![CDATA[Vietnam supports free, fair election in Iraq: Ambassador]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/vietnam-supports-free-fair-election-in-iraq-ambassador-a246539.html Vietnam supports a free and fair election in Iraq, with the participation of people from all walks of life, including women and youths]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[Landslide leaves seven dead, one missing in Indonesia]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/landslide-leaves-seven-dead-one-missing-in-indonesia-a246540.html At least seven people were killed and one went missing after a landslide at a West Sumatra gold mine, Indonesia’s authorities said on May 11.]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[New COVID-19 infections decrease in Laos, Cambodia]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/new-covid-19-infections-decrease-in-laos-cambodia-a246541.html The COVID-19 pandemic in Laos has been gradually controlled with new infection cases falling, especially in major cities.]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[Malaysia sees highest daily death toll from COVID-19]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/malaysia-sees-highest-daily-death-toll-from-covid-19-a246372.html Malaysia on May 9 recorded its highest single-day death toll from COVID-19 after the coronavirus claimed 26 more lives]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[Southeast Asian countries continue struggling with pandemic]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/southeast-asian-countries-continue-struggling-with-pandemic-a246295.html Malaysia has tightened measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, including extending the ban on inter-state travel to June 6.]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[Southeast Asian nations step up measures against COVID-19]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/southeast-asian-nations-step-up-measures-against-covid-19-a246258.html The Cambodian government has introduced a “strategic plan for COVID-19 vaccination campaign to build socio-economic resilience in Cambodia]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[China proposes foreign ministerial meeting with ASEAN in June]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/china-proposes-foreign-ministerial-meeting-with-asean-in-june-a246259.html China has proposed to hold a foreign ministerial meeting with the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in June in the country]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[EU-ASEAN Strategic Partnership Blue Book 2021 launched]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/eu-asean-strategic-partnership-blue-book-2021-launched-a246207.html The EU Mission to ASEAN and the ASEAN Secretariat on May 7 held the launch of the EU-ASEAN Strategic Partnership Blue Book 2021]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[COVID-19 still complicated in Southeast Asia]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/covid-19-still-complicated-in-southeast-asia-a246208.html The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage many Southeast Asian countries, with the exception of Brunei which on May 6 marked one year free from COVID-19 transmission]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[Lao newspaper highlights Vietnam’s support in fighting COVID-19]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/lao-newspaper-highlights-vietnam-s-support-in-fighting-covid-19-a246209.html Lao newspaper Vientiane Times recently highlighted Vietnam’s assistance for the country in the fight against COVID-19.]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[COVID-19 developments remain complicated in regional countries]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/covid-19-developments-remain-complicated-in-regional-countries-a246104.html The Lao Ministry of Health confirmed 46 new COVID-19 cases on May 5, mostly in Vientiane and Bokeo province with 19 and 15 cases, respectively.]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[Myanmar parcel bomb blast leaves five dead, one injured]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/myanmar-parcel-bomb-blast-leaves-five-dead-one-injured-a246036.html The Myanmar media said on May 4 that five were killed and another seriously injured in a parcel bomb blast in the south of the country.]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[Thousands of new COVID-19 cases reported in Southeast Asian countries]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/thousands-of-new-covid-19-cases-reported-in-southeast-asian-countries-a245950.html The Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand on May 3 reported thousands of new COVID-19 cases]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[Indonesia names six armed terrorist groups in Papua]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/indonesia-names-six-armed-terrorist-groups-in-papua-a245951.html Indonesian police have determined six armed separatist terrorist groups actively operating in Papua province’s mountainous areas]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700 <![CDATA[Singapore, Malaysia postpone leaders’ annual meeting due to COVID-19]]> http://baobinhduong.vn/en/singapore-malaysia-postpone-leaders-annual-meeting-due-to-covid-19-a245619.html Foreign ministries of Singapore and Malaysia on May 2 said the 10th meeting between Prime Ministers of the two countries has been postponed to later this year due to COVID-19.]]> Sat, 15 May 2021 18:41:02 +0700