Online conference on measures against big fires

Cập nhật: 16-04-2021 | 11:20:53

On the morning of April 15, the Ministry of Public Security held an online conference on measures to prevent big fires in Hanoi. Attending the online event in Binh Duong province were Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thanh Diep, Deputy Director of provincial Public Security, representatives of some departments, sectors, and provincial Industrial Parks Management Board.

According to statistics, the whole country had nearly 11,000 fires, killing 235 people, injuring 508 others, with total damage to property estimated at nearly VND5 trillion together with 32,000 hectares of forest damaged over the past three years. Among the fires, there were 118 big ones, killing 30 people, injuring 72 others, causing damage to property estimated at VND4 trillion. There were 193 fires with serious human damage, killing 205 people and injuring 436 others.

Major fires occurred in 34 out of 63 and centrally-run provinces and cities, mainly in provinces and cities with rapid economic growth and urbanization, with many industrial zones, export processing zones, markets, trade centers, high-rise buildings, with many concentrated residential areas. Of these, there were 50.8% occurring in the southern region; 33.1% in the northern region and 16.1% in the central region.

At the conference, the Ministry of Public Security launched a peak campaign on propaganda and inspection of safety in fire prevention and fighting in residential areas, households, and housing areas combined with production and business.

Reported by Tam Trang-Translated by K.T

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