Provincial Women's Union to establish 245 "Community trustworthy addresses"

Cập nhật: 05-05-2021 | 16:23:00

In order to advise, resolve conflicts, and help victims of domestic violence, in 2012, provincial Women's Union organized a survey and pilot construction of a model named "Community trustworthy addresses" in Vinh Hoa commune, Phu Giao district, then expanded this model in remaining areas. Up to now, 245 addresses has been established.

This model "Community trustworthy addresses" has become a spiritual support, a place to share feelings and thoughts of many women. The model has protected many cases of children, women, vulnerable people being abused; counseled and settled conflicts and disagreements in family marriage; helped victims of violence to have shelter and propose professional and legal intervention to vulnerable subjects.

On the other hand, through this model, provincial Women's Union also equipped its members with knowledge of law; participated in local legal aid to help women who are vulnerable, lonely, or in difficult circumstances when facing legal issues...

Reported by Nhu Y - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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