To guarantee safe hygiene water for residents

Cập nhật: 12-06-2021 | 17:27:10

According to monitoring results, currently most of groundwater quality is good with all indicators within the safe and permissible limits for use. However, for some areas such as Vinh Phu, An Phu, Thuan Giao (Thuan An City), An Tay (Ben Cat Town), Song Than Industrial Park (Di An City), underground water tends to decrease in quality, increase the content of some indicators such as NO3-, NH4+ or cl-, leading to the situation that groundwater in the above mentioned areas is not of good quality for use.

To ensure that people always have enough clean, hygienic and safe water to use, the natural resources and environment branch in the province coordinated with functional branches and local administrations to set up a supplying system of tap water to the people. According to statistics from water supply stations supply clean water to irrigation and industrial production, total amount of surface water being exploited and used is currently about 590,300m3/day, equivalent to 215 million m3/year.

Reported by Thang Nguyen - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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