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Vietnam’s travel & tourism development index rises 8 grades 

Cập Nhật 28-05-2022

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has announced that Vietnam's tourism experienced great development as stepping up eight grades in the 2021 Travel & Tourism Development Index (TTDI).

Tag: travel & tourism development

Hung Vuong Gifted High School Ngo Thoi Nhiem Kindergarten receive certificates of education quality accreditation and national standards 

Cập Nhật 28-05-2022

On May 27, Hung Vuong Gifted High School (Thu Dau Mot City) held a ceremony to summarize the 2021-2022 school year, received a certificate of quality accreditation...

Tag: Hung Vuong Gifted High School,2021-2022 school year,Ngo Thoi Nhiem Kindergarten,education quality accreditation


Cập Nhật 28-05-2022

5月27日上午,在赴澳大利亚进行工作访问和组织投资促进研讨会的框架内,省委副书记、省人民委员会主席武文明与越南驻悉尼总领事阮登胜和Becamex IDC公司总经理范玉顺共同主持在悉尼市举办的投资促进研讨会

Tag: 澳大利亚,投资,研讨会,签署,备忘录,合作,辅助工业

To bring youth union movements to lodging houses 

Cập Nhật 28-05-2022

Developing movements at young workers' lodging houses is the most practical and closest activity for young workers, who work far away from their hometown.

Tag: youth union,young workers,lodging houses

Binh Duong pledges to open up many investment opportunities for Australian businesses 

Cập Nhật 28-05-2022

On May 27, within the visit to take part in seminars on investment promotion in Australia, Vo Van Minh, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee...

Tag: Australian investors,investment opportunities

More solutions to help employees stabilize their lives for long attachment needed 

Cập Nhật 28-05-2022

It is expected that on May 31, provincial People's Committee will organize a meeting between provincial leaders,

Tag: More solutions,

Let employees have long attachment with locality 

Cập Nhật 28-05-2022

With achievements in attracting investment and human resources, Binh Duong has long become a good land not only for investors

Tag: human resources,

Unity to promote youth-powered volunteer 

Cập Nhật 28-05-2022

Over the past time, the Youth Union at all levels in the province have made great efforts to promote advantages, overcome difficulties, and drastically innovate contents and modes of operation.

Tag: youth volunteer activities


Cập Nhật 28-05-2022

平阳省韩国投资企业分会(Kocham平阳)第十五次年度大会5月27日晚举行,省委常务委员、省人民委员会常务副主席枚雄勇出席会议,韩国驻胡志明市副总领事Kwon Sun Chil及东南部地区韩国商界同出席。

Tag: 恢复,商界,韩国

15th annual General Meeting of KOCHAM Binh Duong 

Cập Nhật 28-05-2022

Evening of May 27, Mr. Mai Hung Dung, Standing Member of Binh Duong provincial Party Committee, Standing Deputy Chairman of the provincial People's Committee attended the 15th Annual General Meeting

Tag: KOCHAM,annual meeting

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