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Huyện Bắc Tân Uyên: Nhiều ý kiến đóng góp tại diễn đàn “Công an lắng nghe ý kiến nhân dân 

Cập Nhật 01-10-2022

Sáng 30-9, Ban Dân vận Huyện ủy Bắc Tân Uyên phối hợp với Công an huyện tổ chức diễn đàn “Công an lắng nghe ý kiến nhân dân” năm 2022

Tag: Huyện Bắc Tân Uyên

2022 province competition on “introducing tourist sites”: A meaningful playground for local tourism 

Cập Nhật 01-10-2022

The typical and attractive destinations of Binh Duong tourism were once again very impressively introduced by contestants

Tag: competition,

Promoting digital transformation, improving competitive indexes 

Cập Nhật 01-10-2022

Early September 30, Vo Van Minh, Chairman of provincial People's Committee chaired a meeting to hear reports on solutions

Tag: digital transformation,

Project on renewing measurement activities to support enterprises implemented 

Cập Nhật 01-10-2022

Early September 30, the Sub-Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality under provincial Department of Science and Technology held a conference

Tag: enterprises,

Over VND 6.5 billion spent on supporting workers with extremely difficult circumstances 

Cập Nhật 01-10-2022

As of late September, 2022, provincial support fund for workers with extremely difficult circumstances promptly assisted 702 cases

Tag: workers,

Youth spirit in new era promoted 

Cập Nhật 01-10-2022

On October 3-4, the 11th Congress of Binh Duong provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of 2022-2027 tenure will be held at Binh Duong provincial Center for Convention and Exhibition.

Tag: Binh Duong provincial Youth Union Congress,preparation,promotion

Binh Duong Television Station marks the 45th anniversary 

Cập Nhật 01-10-2022

In the afternoon of September 30, Binh Duong provincial Television Station organized the 45th anniversary ceremony of its establishment from October 2, 1977 to October 2, 2022. Attending the ceremony was Mr. Pham Van Chanh

Tag: Binh Duong Television Station,45th anniversary

To improve the effectiveness of young worker unification 

Cập Nhật 01-10-2022

From beginning of this year, Organizing Board of the project of young workers gathering and unification at all levels in the province...

Tag: young workers,lodging house,youth union,women's union

To learn more about industrial tourism in Binh Duong 

Cập Nhật 01-10-2022

To meet tourist’s demand for information about Binh Duong industrial tourism, the Provincial Tourism Promotion Center has compiled and released a publication named "Binh Duong - Industrial Tourism".

Tag: industrial tourism

Linking and building Vietnam startup ecosystem 

Cập Nhật 01-10-2022

On September 30, the National Center for Support for Innovative Startups and Department of Market Development and Science Technology Enterprises held a program entitled "Linking Vietnam's startup ecosystem...

Tag: startup ecosystem,innovation,creative,Thu Dau Mot University

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