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Singapore, China sign MOU to establish secure defence hotline 

Cập Nhật 02-06-2023

Singapore and China on June 1 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under which the two countries will work toward establishing a Secure Defence Telephone Link for high-level communications between their defence leaders.

Tag: Singapore-Chinese

First day of entrance exam to public high school of 2023-2024 safe and favorable to candidates 

Cập Nhật 02-06-2023

June 1, more than 22,000 students in the province completed the first two tests of literature and English of the 10th grade entrance exam for public high schools

Tag: entrance exam,grade 10

Gracious activities in May 

Cập Nhật 02-06-2023

A series of activities to take care of workers' lives in 2023 Workers' Month and Action Month of Occupational Safety and Health organized and financed by trade unions at all levels in the province (about VND 30 billion)...

Tag: Workers' Month 2023,Action Month of Occupational Safety and Health,workers,trade union,Labor Confederation,employees

Joining hands to reduce child harm 

Cập Nhật 02-06-2023

Early June 1, provincial People's Committee held a ceremony to launch the 2023 provincial Action Month for Children

Tag: child harm,

Joyful summertime to children 

Cập Nhật 01-06-2023

Children are the future of the country. During his lifetime, President Ho Chi Minh had always paid special attention and affection to children.

Tag: caring for children

Creating all conditions for children to develop comprehensively 

Cập Nhật 01-06-2023

"Children are like buds on a branch/Knowing to eat and sleep, knowing how to study is good" are two verses

Tag: conditions,

Provincial leaders visit, congratulate provincial Buddhist Shangha on occasion of Lord Buddha’s 2567th birthday 

Cập Nhật 01-06-2023

Early May 31, Nguyen Hoang Thao, Pernament Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee;

Tag: Provincial leaders,

Efforts on journey to reach second-class city 

Cập Nhật 31-05-2023

Tan Uyen has changed with a new image. More spacious roads, bigger and more beautiful buildings are growing day by day in this young city.

Tag: Efforts,

Mr. Tam Thanh donates land to building roads many times 

Cập Nhật 30-05-2023

Regardless of the time, in urban or rural areas, land is always considered as an important asset,

Tag: Tam Thanh,

Chuyện anh Đen vì môi trường xanh 

Cập Nhật 29-05-2023

Anh Đoàn Văn Tố, quê Thanh Hóa, thủ lĩnh của nhóm Bình Dương xanh có nước da đen ngòm. Bạn bè hay gọi anh bằng cái tên Đen.

Tag: anh Đen,môi trường xanh,Bình Dương xanh

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