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New Gov’t resolution creates optimal conditions for foreign workers 

Cập Nhật 27-09-2021

The Government’s Resolution No. 105/NQ-CP on support for enterprises, cooperatives, and business households has considerably facilitated the granting of permits to foreign workers

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Enterprises strongly carry out safe production solutions 

Cập Nhật 22-07-2021

In active industrial parks (IPs) of Binh Duong, there are nearly 3,000 enterprises with about 500,000 employees.

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To speed up the online settlement of administrative dossiers 

Cập Nhật 16-07-2021

Currently, provincial Department of Information and Communications is applying 295 online public services...

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Southeast Asian nations step up measures against COVID-19 

Cập Nhật 06-07-2021

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry said it will increase the capacity of Bussarakham Field Hospital to 4,000 beds in a bid to cope with a possible surge

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CAAV discusses establishment of VN's first cargo airline 

Cập Nhật 20-06-2021

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) recently reported to the Ministry of Transport (MoT) on a project to establish the first cargo airline in Vietnam.


People enjoy achievements on construction and development: 

Cập Nhật 31-05-2021

With the philosophy of "taking people as the center of all strategies", Binh Duong made a strong transformation in the breakthrough strategy

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Unique antique houses in Binh Duong 

Cập Nhật 29-05-2021

Besides new and attractive tourist area, Binh Duong also has antique houses that have existed for hundreds of years. This is also a unique and interesting feature of the journey to explore Binh Duong land...

Tag: antique houses,old houses,Tran Van Ho,Tran Cong Vang

Binh Duong Smart City in 2021: Resources concentrated to implement breakthrough projects 

Cập Nhật 10-05-2021

In order to continue executing fundamental projects and building projects for the next phase, completing the "Triple Helix" model...

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Binh Duong actively implements the 2021 economic census 

Cập Nhật 05-03-2021

Binh Duong provincial Statistical Office informed that, from March 1, Binh Duong conducted a 2021 economic census in the province to evaluate the development of the quantity, size and labor forces of the establishments

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Di An City suspends direct transactions at OSS department 

Cập Nhật 05-02-2021

People's Committee of Di An City issued instructions on suspending direct transactions of administrative procedures at OSS divisions.

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