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Techfest Vietnam 2022 arouses potential, opening up opportunities for development 

Cập Nhật 02-12-2022

More than 8,000 guests from 63 provinces and cities across the country and 20 countries in the world will attend the National Innovative Entrepreneurship Day

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Over 3,200 turns of staff trained to improve professional skills 

Cập Nhật 02-12-2022

Nguyen Hoang Thao, Permanent Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee, on December 1, chaired a meeting of the 11th provincial Council for Training Officials

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Awards ceremony of "I love Binh Duong" writing contest held 

Cập Nhật 02-12-2022

On the afternoon of December 1, Binh Duong Newspaper held an awards ceremony of the writing contest entitled "I love Binh Duong"

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Di An determined to clear temporary, spontaneous markets 

Cập Nhật 02-12-2022

According to Di An city’s People's Committee, there are 10 traditional markets in the city

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Vietnam, RoK mark 30 years of diplomatic ties 

Cập Nhật 02-12-2022

Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (RoK) have become each other’s leading partners after 30 years of the establishment of their diplomatic ties,

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Conference to monitor the results of settlement of voters' opinions and recommendations 

Cập Nhật 02-12-2022

In the afternoon of December 1, at the provincial Administration Center, the Standing Committee of the provincial People's Council held a conference to monitor the results of settlement of voters' opinions and recommendations

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Nỗi niềm của những giáo viên chuyên biệt 

Cập Nhật 02-12-2022

“Nếu ai đó hỏi vì sao lại chọn nghề đặc biệt này, thì mình cũng chẳng tìm đâu ra lý do gì to lớn đâu.

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"Vietnam's economy in the face of changes in the world" 

Cập Nhật 01-12-2022

That was the topic of a lecture by Professor Tran Van Tho - Emeritus Professor of Waseda University

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The compassionate writing contest of showing affection of ‘Toi yeu Binh Duong’ televised product – the show of heart to Binh Duong land and people 

Cập Nhật 01-12-2022

In a hope to create the interaction between readers and its products, Binh Duong Newspaper organized a contest to deliver writings to comment on ‘Toi yeu Binh Duong’.

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Digital transformation to meet readers’ needs 

Cập Nhật 01-12-2022

Faced with the strong demand for digital transformation in all industries and fields, Binh Duong Newspaper has taken advantage of digital technology and quickly built a newsroom that converges

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