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Shining color and scent of the spring 

Cập Nhật 27-01-2023

During the national Tet festival 2023, the atmosphere and activities to welcome the new year, welcome the spring were lively.

Tag: spring 2023,Bach Dang Walking Street,93rd anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam,celebrate the Party,celebrate the spring

PM launches tree planting festival in lunar New Year 

Cập Nhật 27-01-2023

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh planted a tree at K9-Da Chong relic complex in Hanoi’s Ba Vi district on January 27

Tag: PM tree planting

Soc Trang’s Khmer pagoda features giant Buddha statue 

Cập Nhật 27-01-2023

With the long-standing bonds of the Kinh, Khmer, and Hoa ethnic groups, the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang boasts a special cultural identity

Tag: Soc Trang's Khmer statue

National museum's exhibition features spring landscapes 

Cập Nhật 25-01-2023

A painting exhibition at the Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts offers art lovers a chance to see the beauty of the spring in different regions

Tag: National museum,

Provincial Youth Union sends off 280 workers to hometown for Tet 

Cập Nhật 16-01-2023

Early January 15, provincial Youth Union coordinated with Taisho Vietnam Co., Ltd. to organize a farewell ceremony for the " Tet Energy 2023" buses

Tag: Youth Union,

Spring color of border 

Cập Nhật 14-01-2023

Determining the meaning and importance of the campaign "Sentimental attachment for border areas and islands" launched by the Youth Union Central Committee

Tag: Spring color of border,

Binh Duong wants to develop trade and education with Nebraska 

Cập Nhật 12-01-2023

On the afternoon of January 11, Mai Hung Dung, member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Permanent Vice- Chairman of provincial People's Committee

Tag: Binh Duong,

Cozy spring for disadvantaged children 

Cập Nhật 10-01-2023

On January 9, Binh Duong Provincial Sponsoring Council of Children's Fund held the 16th "Spring with disadvantaged children" program in Binh Duong province.

Tag: disadvantaged children,Children's Fund

Binh Duong students emulate to train virtue and talent 

Cập Nhật 09-01-2023

Over the past 73 years, with specific actions, generations of Vietnamese students wrote a glorious history,

Tag: Binh Duong,

Meeting held to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the traditional Student Day 

Cập Nhật 09-01-2023

Morning of January 8, the Standing Committee of Thu Dau Mot city Youth Union held a meeting to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the traditional Student Day and the Vietnamese Student Association

Tag: Vietnamese Student Day

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