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Crossroads of passion 

Cập Nhật 22-03-2023

“If I didn't pursue karate, I would definitely be a third-year veterinary student.

Tag: Nguyen Chi Thanh,Karate

Science and technology conference of Binh Duong medical industry in 2023: Convergence of valuable scientific research 

Cập Nhật 22-03-2023

The 2023 Binh Duong Medical Science and Technology Conference has ended. This is the largest sci-tech conference ever of the province's medical branch.

Tag: medical Science and Technology

To accompany youths setting careers 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

Based on companion of Youth Union and associations, youth members in Phu Giao district

Tag: youth starting up

NA Vice Chairman Nguyen Duc Hai pays official visit to RoK 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

A delegation of the National Assembly (NA) led by Vice Chairman Nguyen Duc Hai is paying an official visit

Tag: NA Vice Chairman,

Vietnam’s cultural diversity attractive to foreigners: Thai scholar 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

Vietnam has unique native diversity which is attractive to foreigners

Tag: Vietnam’s cultural diversity,

NA Standing Committee holds Q&A session on judicial issues 

Cập Nhật 20-03-2023

The National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee held a question-and-answer (Q&A) session

Tag: NA Standing Committee,

Outstanding policies come into effect from March 

Cập Nhật 19-03-2023

A series of new policies on e-passport issuance, perquisites for employees working in dangerous

Tag: Outstanding policies,

Bangladesh-Vietnam Friendship Society established 

Cập Nhật 19-03-2023

The Bangladesh-Vietnam Friendship Society (BVFS) was officially established on March 13,

Tag: Bangladesh-Vietnam,

NA Permanent Vice Chairman visit Barcelona 

Cập Nhật 19-03-2023

Permanent Vice Chairman of the National Assembly (NA) Tran Thanh Man visited the port city of Barcelona on March 17

Tag: NA Permanent Vice Chairman,

To preserve and develop the intangible cultural heritage of Tan Khanh Ba Tra martial arts 

Cập Nhật 18-03-2023

In the historical flow of the land of Binh Duong from the past to the present, many intangible cultural values that generations have tried to preserve and promote.

Tag: Tan Khanh Ba Tra martial arts

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