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2024 "Ripe Fruit Season" festival: An opportunity to promote Binh Duong's land and people

Update: 13-06-2024 | 14:11:52

These days, preparations for the 2024 "Ripe Fruit Season" festival are in full swing, with provincial and local departments working diligently to ensure a thoughtful, safe, and meaningful event for all visitors. To provide readers with key information about this year's festival, Binh Duong Newspaper had an interview with Bui Huu Toan, Director of provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism cum Deputy Head of the festival’s Organization Board.

The 2024 "Ripe Fruit Season” festival will contribute to building a traditional local brand. In picture: Mangosteen, a famous specialty fruit of Binh Duong (provided by the Organization Board)

-The "Ripe Fruit Season" festival has become a distinctive cultural event that draws much attention each year. Could you tell us about what this festival’s new and exciting features are?

-This year's festival, organized at provincial level, promises many new and attractive aspects. The festival will feature a variety of diverse activities. In addition to the eagerly awaited opening ceremony, there will be such activities as a "Charming Binh Duong" contest, a fruit fair and culinary tourism festival themed "Sweet Southern Delights", a marathon called "Route of Ripe Fruit Season", a photo contest titled "Colors of Homeland", an exhibition of beautiful Binh Duong tourism photos, a nightly “Don ca tai tui” (Southern folk opera), street music program and a closing ceremony.

All activities are organized in the cheerful, safe, healthy and economical spirit. With its diverse activities, the 2024 "Ripe Fruit Season” festival promises to bring both residents and visitors unique experience as they explore local specialty orchards, enjoy delicious fruits and savor creative dishes made from Binh Duong fruits. This will deepen their appreciation of the culture, friendliness, enthusiasm and hospitality of Binh Duong’s people, leaving them with beautiful memories of the affectionate, dynamic, talented, open-hearted and creative locals.

-What special considerations does the Organization Committee have for this year's festival?

-The Organization Board of the 2024 "Ripe Fruit Season" festival is particularly focused on ensuring that all activities are conducted in a respectful, thoughtful, practical and effective manner, creating a cheerful and exciting atmosphere while ensuring order and safety for visitors. These efforts aim at building a friendly and hospitable image of people in Lai Thieu garden region in particular and Binh Duong in general, thereby attracting more tourists to Binh Duong in the future.

-How have preparations for the festival been carried out to ensure a safe, meaningful event, leaving a positive impression on visitors?

-To ensure the 2024 "Ripe Fruit Season" festival is thorough, safe, civilized and meaningful, leaving a positive impression on both residents and visitors, provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has advised provincial People's Committee on issuing the Decision No. 1275/QD-UBND dated May 6, 2024, on the establishment of the festival’s organization board and working teams, including teams for content, communication, reception-logistics and security-health. Each team and member is assigned specific tasks to ensure the smooth execution of all planned festival activities.

Following the success of Thuan An city’s first open "Fruit Garden Road" cross-country tournament 2023, within the framework of the "Ripe Fruit Season" Festival 2024, the "Ripe Fruit Season Road" cross-country tournament will take place

The festival’s working teams, comprising of experienced members from provincial departments, are responsible for the festival's overall activities, developing the festival’s programs, organizing communication campaigns through the mass media, creating columns and topics about the festival, setting up plans to ensure order-security, fire prevention, rescue, traffic management throughout the event…

-What does the Organization Board of the festival hope to achieve with this year's festival scale as well as promoting Binh Duong's land and people?

-This year's festival aims at not only satisfying visitors' desires to explore and enjoy delicious dishes and famous fruits of Binh Duong and surrounding areas, but also raising public awareness of orchard maintenance, preserving fruit tree varieties and restoring the province's famous orchards.

Additionally, the festival seeks to provide opportunities for garden owners and businesses to invest, exchange and share experience in agricultural economic development, especially in cultivating specialty fruit trees. It is also a chance to promote Binh Duong's culture and specialties to numerous tourists in and out of the province, laying the premise for developing eco-tourism and outdoor tourism combined with garden tourism, creating a unique local tourism product, boosting the local economy and catering to the recreational needs of residents and visitors whenever they visit Binh Duong.

- Thank you!

The 2024 "Ripe Fruit Season” festival, themed "Lai Thieu rendezvous season” will take place from June 15 to 22 in Thuan An city’s Hung Dinh ward. The festival is a significant cultural event in the province, organized to contribute to building a traditional local brand. It is also an opportunity to promote the image of Binh Duong's land, people and specialty fruits, particularly those from Lai Thieu orchards, to visitors.

Reported by Hong Thuan-Translated by Kim Tin

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