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Sea and Islands

The Belgium-Vietnam Friendship Association on March 29 affirmed its backing for Vietnam’s stance on legitimate sovereignty in the East Sea.

Whenever March comes, people across Vietnam turn their hearts to Gac Ma Reef of Truong Sa archipelago, a sacred territorial part of the Fatherland,

Whenever the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago is mentioned, many often think of rough seas and islands battered by tropical storms and fierce winds

“The State of Vietnam was the first state in history to exercise its sovereignty over the two archipelagos of Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) since they were ownerless pieces of land

The Government has recently issued Decree No.11/2021/ND-CP providing regulations on the allocation

Vietnam demands that relevant countries respect its sovereignty, sovereign right and jurisdiction in the East Sea,

Vietnam and China held the 14th round of negotiations of the working group on the sea area beyond the mouth of the Gulf of Tonkin

The ‘pride of border lines’ Award was organized on December 7 in Ha Noi by hosting of Central Committee of Propaganda and Education

Many countries expressed their concern over the situation in the East Sea and affirmed a need to maintain sustainable peace and long-term stability in the important waters

Dau Tieng district’s Youth Union has just organized a “return-to-the root” journey under the theme of “Youth for national sea, islands”

organize the digital exhibition of ‘Paracel and Spratly Islands of Vietnam – the historical and legal evidences’ with the participation of majority of teachers and 1,600 students

On the afternoon of October 1, provincial Party Committee’s Commission for Propaganda and Education in collaboration with provincial Department of Education and Training,

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