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2024 SUMMER YOUTH VOLUNTEER CAMPAIGN: Upholding youth groups’ volunteer spirit

Update: 27-05-2024 | 14:23:59

Yesterday morning (May 26), provincial Youth Union held a ceremony to launch the 2024 provincial Summer Youth Volunteer Campaign. The campaign has many practical contents and activities, closely following the policy of "3 links" in association with areas and volunteer fronts in and out of the province.

Gathering youth strength

The 2024 provincial Youth Youth Campaign continues replicating the volunteer spirit of youth groups in the province and will enthusiastically take place throughout the Youth Union. This year, provincial Youth Unions at all levels have mobilized nearly 160,000 Youth Union members to participate in volunteer activities on socio-economic development, building new-style rural areas and civilized urban ones, ensuring social welfare, national defense - security...

Leader of provincial Youth Union raises the national flag to launch the 2024 provincial Summer Youth Volunteer Campaign

With the goal of strengthening solidarity and gathering a large number of Youth Union members to participate in volunteer summer activities, provincial Youth Union Standing Committee has specified small programs, campaigns and deployed them to the local Youth Unions and associations, ensuring full implementation in accordance with the local actual situation. Kicking off the campaign is the "Giving strength to school" program across the province, attracting students, teachers and young lecturers to join squads to support candidates of the 10th grade entrance exam and high school graduation exam.

In this year's annual youth campaign, there are also many volunteer campaigns, namely "Green summer", "Red flamboyant", "Pink holiday" and "Green operation". The activities of these 4 campaigns will absorb the participation of students, young lecturers, young workers, civil servants and armed forces throughout the province. In addition, provincial Youth Union organized the 2024  journey on “Binh Duong Youth for national islands and border areas; the 2024 journey on "Binh Duong youth and international youth work".

On the other hand, many peak activities in the campaign will be also launched by provincial Youth Union at all levels and organized across the province. The 2024 youth volunteer festival will take place at provincial level. After that, throughout the campaign, all Youth Union branches will continuously deploy the "Volunteer Soldier" peak day to support children with difficult circumstances; the "Volunteers building bright - green - clean - beautiful - civilized - safe cities" peak day and the "Joining hands to build landscapes and protect rural environment" peak day…

Extensive organization

The 2024 Summer Youth Volunteer Campaign is directed and implemented by provincial Youth Union among Youth Union branches and there is coordination for implementation with the policy of association to create the highest efficiency. The campaign was organized across 9 districts and cities in the province and some areas outside the province with many difficulties, namely Phu Quy island district in Binh Thuan province, Tay Ninh province, Dak Lak province and international volunteer activities in Laos.

Provincial Youth Union Standing Committee receives symbolic boards of projects at the launching ceremony of the 2024 summer youth volunteer campaign

During the campaign period until the end of August 2024, provincial Youth Unions at all levels will strive to build at least 10 new civilized streets and alleys with the "green light - clean and beautiful - civilized - safe" criteria; plant at least 10,000 new trees; repair at least 30km and buill at least 5km of rural roads; build and repair at least 10 charity houses and “red scarf” ones. Provincial Youth Unions at all levels will also focus on supporting children with difficult circumstances, supporting to improve digital capacity for children and people; training on startup knowledge; giving vocational consultancy and job introduction for young people...

Tran Thi Diem Trinh, Secretary of provincial Youth Union said: “Volunteer activities will pay special importance to promoting the depth of field, expertise and strength of youth groups. With the dynamism and creativity of youth and the correct identification of meaningful projects and tasks, the Steering Committee of provincial Summer Youth Youth Campaign has high expectations that this year's campaign will have new marks and achieve many achievements in society, spreading volunteer values ​​in the community...".

At the launching ceremony of the 2024 provincial Summer Youth Volunteer Campaign, provincial Youth Union donated 10 electronic devices to people and awarded 20 scholarships to children with difficult circumstances. On this occasion, the Standing Committee of provincial Youth Union and the Steering Committee of the Campaign also received projects to be implemented in the campaign, including building a national flag street worth VND 40 million; spending VND 120 million on taking care of policy beneficiary families and children with difficult circumstances; providing  medical check-ups, medicine and gifts for 200 people with a total cost of VND 200 million; supporting 500 national flags worth VND 20 million; supporting young people to repair their houses with a total cost of VND 50 million; supporting training on digital transformation and 2,000 phone SIM cards worth VND 220 million. In addition, provincial Youth Union Standing Committee will establish 11 youth volunteer squads to participate in the campaign. After the ceremony, provincial Youth Union Standing Committee launched the "3-color coalition" campaign, the “Caravan - I love Binh Duong” journey with the theme of "Binh Duong youth - journey returning to the heroic war zone", provincial "Young Physicians for community health" journey; starting construction of houses for young workers with difficult circumstances; visiting and donating gifts to policy beneficiary families and heroic Vietnamese mothers; giving training on skills to improve digital capacity for Youth Union members; launching the "Bright - green - clean - beautiful - safe" street...

Reported by Kim Tuyen-Translated by Kim Tin

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