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22nd open session of the 11th provincial Party Executive Committee focuses on solving difficulties, unleashing resources for socio-economic development

Update: 29-03-2023 | 11:33:23

At the 22nd open session of the 11th provincial Party Executive Committee held yesterday morning (March 28), Nguyen Van Loi, member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Head of provincial National Assembly Deputy Delegation said: “All of us, especially leaders, must effectively organize the implementation of the tasks of our sectors, units and localities; must take the lead and bear the brunt of solving weak areas, opening up resources for development...".

Difficulties forecasted

At the session, Vo Van Minh, Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of provincial People's Committee said that in the first quarter of 2023, in addition to two bright spots on investment for development of the whole society and State budget revenue, in general, the province's economy faced many difficulties, especially in industrial production. Although enterprises were proactive to change their ways of approaching, introducing products and looking for new clients, the number of orders and their size decreased sharply. He said that these difficulties were forecasted because it is difficult for Binh Duong in particular and Vietnam to avoid fluctuations from the world’s situation. Labor-intensive industries, with export markets in Europe and the US, were hardest hit. Many industrial development indicators decreased over the same period, leading to a decrease in State budget revenue from exports against the same period last year.

An overview of the 22nd open session of the 11th provincial Party Executive Committee

Nguyen Thanh Toan, Director of provincial Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT) said that the province's export turnover in the first quarter of the year was estimated at more than US$ 7.28 million, down 18.7% over the same period last year. The province’s trade surplus reached more than US$2.17 billion. In the first quarter, the province’s import and export turnover decreased compared to the same period last year. This reflected enterprises ‘difficulties, due to the lack of export orders, leading to a decrease in the import of raw materials and accessories compared to the previous year. He added that signing new export orders for key products of the province such as wood, footwear, textiles, and ceramics faced difficulties. Export orders of major export items all decreased by 20-50% over the same period, leading to a decrease in export turnover. The decline of the world’s demand was a difficult factor and a big challenge for exports of Vietnam in general and of Binh Duong in particular.

Facing with that situation, provincial DoIT coordinated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, trade counselors abroad to implement many domestic and foreign trade promotion programs, support enterprises to connect and expand markets, sign new export orders. For enterprises, they also promoted investment and diversified products; strengthened sectoral linkages to form up closed production and supply chains; developed green production, digital transformation, increase localization to meet export standards and regulations to markets with competitive advantages in the CPTPP, EVFTA, and RCEP blocs.

Tasks performed drastically

To achieve the highest level of targets in the second quarter of 2023, contributing to the early completion of the year’s tasks, provincial Party Standing Committee directed all-level Party committees, agencies and units to grasp the situation and be flexible, creative, proactive to have timely adaptation, take actions more drastically, positively and effectively. They need to focus on carrying out a number of key tasks, including removing obstacles, creating favorable conditions for trade and services to develop the domestic market; having solutions to maintain exports to traditional markets and expand new markets; improving the investment and business climate; realizing the pilot relocation of some enterprises in the southern region to the northern localities of the province under the approved relocation scheme.

Delegate speaking at the 22nd open session of the 11th provincial Party Executive Committee

The province’s functional sectors need to urgently complete a report on proposals of investment, construction of the belt road 3 project in June 2023, the belt road 4 at the end of 2023 and the Ho Chi Minh-Chon Thanh expressway project in early 2024 while studying plans on investing in An Tay port, expanding An Son port; deploying investment in upgrading and building new locations connecting with Ho Chi Minh city’s Thu Duc city.

Concluding the session, Mr. Loi said that the province’s situation in the first quarter of 2023 faced more difficulties, but thanks to having early forecast, provincial leaders were very drastic in leadership and management, bringing some positive results. However, it is forecasted that difficulties will continue and persist in the coming time, requiring each level and each sector, especially heads to closely grasp the reality and developments of the situation to focus on directing the implementation of tasks and solutions to overcome the current difficult period. He also asked for all-level authorities and sectors to focus on solving enterprises ’difficulties by doing specific things, creating favorable conditions, encouraging them to join hands with the province to overcome difficulties. In addition, he asked for a group that is responsible for  remove enterprises ‘difficulties to work more effectively, especially members of provincial Party Standing Committees, directors of provincial departments and sectors to have continuous coordination to help enterprises remove their difficulties. He required relevant sectors to select from 50 to 70 enterprises that are ready to transform and improve techniques for digital transformation and upgrade production lines towards industry 4.0. The province will also set up policies and organize pilot implementation in this field to meet the requirements of enterprises.

In terms of cultural and social field, comrade Nguyen Van Loi emphasized that the province needs to well implement policies on social welfare. The local mass organizations need to organize more practical activities, so that people and workers can feel secure and stick to Binh Duong. Every citizen, every worker is an investor to build Binh Duong. In difficult circumstances, all-level authorities and sectors must better perform the work of ensuring social welfare; invest in social housing projects, housing ones for low-income people...

“I hope that all of us, especially leaders, must effectively organize the implementation of the tasks of our sectors, units and localities; must take the lead and bear the brunt of solving weak areas, opening up resources for development...", emphasized comrade Nguyen Van Loi.

Stopping receiving paper documents by June 2023,
Provincial Party Secretary Nguyen Van Loi required all-level authorities and sectors to complete their database by June 2023. By June, they will no longer accept paper applications and all will be handled in the online environment. If people bring paper documents, they must be guided how to input them to electronic records. "We try to reform administrative procedures and e-government to serve people and enterprises publicly and transparently...", comrade Nguyen Van Loi emphasized.
Completing the project of upgrading National Highway in 2023
Provincial Party Committee Secretary also requested relevant departments, sectors and localities to focus on well implementing policies on compensation, resettlement and site clearance to accelerate the progress of implementation of key projects. Particularly, the project of upgrading and expanding National Highway 13 must be completed in 2023. In addition, intersections on National Highway 13, overpasses and underground tunnels need to be implemented urgently. Localities and units also need to strengthen the management of State budget revenue and expenditure; continue finding solutions to remove difficulties and speed up the disbursement of public investment capital...

Reported by Tri Dung-Translated by Kim Tin

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