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384,582 Trade Union members admitted at all levels

Update: 21-09-2023 | 11:35:17

In 5 years of 2018-2023, trade unions at all levels in the province have admitted 384,582 trade union members, establishing 1,544 grassroots trade unions including 1,251 grassroots with over 25 workers.

To date, Binh Duong provincial Trade Union is managing 4,124 grassroots, an increase of 928 compared to the beginning of the term with 810,339 trade union members, an increase of 118,458 compared to the beginning of the term. Of which, non-state-owned enterprises have 3,355 grassroots, accounting for 81.3%, with 770,785 union members, accounting for 93.4%.

Recently, the training, fostering and building teams of union officials at all levels has been implemented synchronously and regularly to achieve important results. Trade unions at all levels have organized 120 training and refresher courses with 73,642 union officials trained and refreshed. The number of union officials who are members of the grassroots trade union executive committee who have been trained and fostered is nearly 85%; thereby, contributing to improving the quality of union officials to meet task requirements in the new situations.

Reported by Ho Van – Translated by Vi Bao

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