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70 years of accompanying national and local development

Update: 13-05-2021 | 18:05:54

Yesterday morning (May 12), provincial Department of Industry and Trade held a ceremony to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the traditional day of Vietnam’s industry and trade sector (May 14, 1951 - May 14, 2021). Attending the ceremony were Nguyen Thanh Truc, Vice-Chairman of provincial People's Committee. At the ceremony, delegates jointly affirmed that during the 70-year journey of accompanying the national local development, the industry and trade sector has made strong changes with achievements, making Binh Duong become a locality with high economic growth and hold an important position in the Southern Key Economic Zone.

Proud of 70-year journey

During the past 70 years, the industry and trade sector has played an important role from producing, making compulsory purchase, ensuring the supply of food, medicine, ammunition, weapons…, serving the resistance war to restoring traditional crafts of lacquerware, pottery... The sector’s renovation about private economic management mechanism, breakthrough policies in production, distribution and circulation…have contributed to promoting the local industry and home industry, creating jobs for laborers, stabilizing people's lives.

A glance of VSIP II in Thu Dau Mot City

Being prouder when the country entered the renewal period, the province’s industry and trade sector has well performed the role of a guide, showing the way for businesses and investors to promote their strengths in financial and material resources; excelled at tapping resources of capital, land, science and technology…while having fairness in State management, ensuring the local economic thriving.

The economic reform and remarkable development from an agricultural locality to a dynamic industrial locality during the re-establishment period carried out over the past 25 years (1997-2021) have shown significant changes of the local industry-trade sector. Especially, 2020 was a year with great difficulties and challenges because of the heavy impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the general context, the province's industry and trade sector implemented many breakthrough solutions, contributing to the local overall achievements in well implementing the "dual goals" of Covid-19 prevention-control and economic development…

Firmly overcoming difficulties

Being proud of the past journey, entering a new phase, before the trend of integration and development, all staff of the sector will further inherit the fine tradition of the sector while continuing being united, dynamic and creative together with the whole province to successfully complete tasks in the new period.

Speaking about the upcoming journey of the sector, Nguyen Thanh Toan, Director of provincial Department of Industry and Trade said that along with the orientation of "Striving to build up a sustainable Binh Duong towards smart, civilized, modern city; by 2030, Binh Duong will become a modern industrial center, and by 2045, a smart city of the region and the whole country", the industry and trade sector will focus on some key tasks, including making restructuring based on innovation to attract investment, application of technical and technological advancements, priority to industries with great potential and high sci-tech content; improvement of production, gradual increase of the localization rate...

For the commercial field, the sector will bend on developing high-quality services and modern trade, increasing its proportion in the local economic structure; promoting projects on commercial infrastructure, modern distribution forms; managing and developing the market stably, ensuring supply and demand, especially for essential commodities; building a complex of the World Trade Center, a goods distribution center, modern logistics infrastructure works...

Specially, the sector will strive to improve the quality of investment and trade promotion; promote e-commerce; implement solutions to strengthen capacity for international economic integration, promote export of goods towards sustainable development; improve the competitiveness of major export products; diversify import markets…

According to Mr.Truc, provincial leaders expect that the industry and trade sector will continue promoting its role more obviously, especially contributing to the province's deep integration orientation. The sector will achieve more achievements, excellently fulfill important responsibilities and tasks assigned by the Party, State and people, contributing to the development of Binh Duong in the right direction.

With great contributions during the struggle for national liberation, the process of national construction and defense, the province's industry and trade sector was awarded the title of the Hero of the People's Armed Forces by the Party and State in 2000, the Second-class Labor Medal in 2002, the First-class Labor Medal in 2013... Many enterprises in the sector were awarded noble rewards by the Party and State such as the Independence Medal, the Labor Medal, the title of Labor Hero in the “Doi Moi” (Renewal) period, typical Vietnamese entrepreneurs, the leading banner of the industry and trade sector…

Reported by Tieu My-Translated by K.T

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