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A woman to be filled with compassion

Update: 23-05-2024 | 11:13:42

Do Ngoc Giau, Head of Women's Union (WU) of Quarter 9 in Tan An Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, is one of the typical examples in the emulation movement "Women actively study, work creatively, and build happy families" was commended by People's Committee of Thu Dau Mot City. Not only does she always strive to complete assigned tasks well, but she is also close and helps less fortunate situations in the area; regularly join hands to carry out volunteer activities...

Close to members

In her role as head of the women's union, Ms. Giau is assessed as a responsible person for implementing the WU work and local women's movements. She closely follows each member and always understands each person's situation. If any member has difficulty, she promptly learns to share, and at the same time informs the WU superiors to visit and give help to members. To ease her members' difficultiese, Ms. Giau regularly calls on benefactors to give gifts to members. "Gifts may not be of great value, but when being shared promptly and at the right time, they will help many difficult situations, helping them confidently improve their lives...", Ms. Giau confided.

On the 14th day of every lunar month, no matter how busy she is with work, Ms. Giau, along with her family and members of the WU, wakes up very early to organize cooking and distribution of "zero Dong" meals. Ms. Giau said that regularly maintaining this activity is to share difficulties with members, women, and children having difficult circumstances; promote the spirit of mutual love, arouse solidarity and attachment in each member with the motto "good leaves protect torn leaves", "a piece when hungry is equal to a package when full".

Join hands to protect the environment

Along with volunteer activities and helping people having difficult circumstances, Ms. Giau also mobilizes people in the alley where she lives to well implement the program "Exemplary alley on environmental protection" at alley 84, quarter 9, which was launched by Women's Union of the ward. This program includes 17 members led by Ms. Giau.

Recently, she, along with the Ward WU and the quarter 9’s Executive Board, have disseminated information and encouraged members to implement 4 criteria to achieve exemplary alleys on environmental protection, including: the alley is always clean, no garbage or wastewater is dumped on sidewalks or vacant lands; dispose of trash on time, according to regulations, use hygienic trash cans, do not use Styrofoam boxes or nylon trash bags on sidewalks; maintain weekly environmental cleaning; have at least one environmental protection activity such as tending and planting flowers on both sides of the road. As a result, alley 84 in Quarter 9 is always clean, ensuring environmental hygiene.

Do Ngoc Giau (left) is always attentive, encouraging, and helpful to those having less fortunate situations

Not only dedicated to the WU work, Ms. Giau also actively participates and assists the organization of activities, programs of the superior WUs during the year. During mass mobilization activities and environmental cleaning campaigns, she also arranges well her housework to participate in the quarter and the Ward Women's Union. With a high sense of responsibility in her work and good moral qualities, Ms. Giau is always assessed by the Ward Women's Union as completing assigned tasks well. 

“Ms. Giau is one of union officials who is highly appreciated by the Ward Women's Union for her enthusiastic work style, not afraid of difficulties or suffering, and always learning from the experiences of her predecessors to improve herself. The work she has done in recent times, especially WU work as well as volunteer activities, has shown the compassion and honesty of Vietnamese women. We hope that she would continue to accompany Women's Union of Tan An ward in WU work and women's movements in the coming years", said Truong Thi Bich Van, Chairwoman of Women's Union of Tan An ward.

With her achievements in work and social activities, Ms. Giau deserves to be a typical example in emulation movement "Women actively study, work creatively, build happy families". And especially in 2023, Women's Association of Quarter 9 was also proposed by the superior WU to be rewarded for its outstanding achievements in the movement "Thu Dau Mot Women behave beautifully, live compassionately and meaningfully" in period 2021-2026.

Besides being the head of the quarter women's union, Ms. Giau is also the head of a cashew processing cooperative group. Not only did she increase her family's income, Ms. Giau also created jobs for 6 local female workers, helping them have a stable source of income. To Ms.Giau, helping members and people around her have a stable, prosperous, and happy life is a joy and a motivation for her to strive every day...

Reported by D.Hau, C.Tien - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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