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Administrative reform integrated with digital transformation

Update: 22-04-2024 | 10:33:55

With resolute and synchronous solutions, Di An City has attained remarkable results in administrative reform integrated with digital transformation to best serve people and businesses as doing public services.

To improve service quality

With the motto of administrative reform combined with digital transformation, taking people and businesses as the center, the Di An City Public Administration Service Center made a clip to explain to people and businesses how to register for public service accounts, and a clip to explain how to submit online applications on the website for handling administrative procedures of Binh Duong province; the clips are shown so that people come to the center can see and learn, know how to do it. Notably, the center also applies the "Digital Letter to Citizens" program, which is highly appreciated by people and businesses for its convenience, shortening time and costs for doing public services. This has also overcome the problem of people losing or forgetting account numbers and passwords when logging in to perform online transactions.

In the first quarter of 2024, the center sent over 1,500 digital letters to citizens and donated 1,500 keychains to organizations and individuals transacting at "single-window" departments. At the same time, the center continued to implement the "Friendly government of the people, by the people, for the people" and "Friendly office for the people to serve" in Di An city in 2024 according to Plan No. 558/KH-UBND dated March 8, 2024 of the City People's Committee.

People receive dedicated guidance when coming to do online administrative procedures at Di An City Public Administration Service Center

In addition, Di An City established many youth volunteer teams at the City Public Administration Service Center and wards to assist people in submitting online applications. As a result of digitizing records and papers and resolving administrative procedures, in the first quarter of 2024, the whole city received a total of 2,612 documents; Of which 1,780 online applications were received, a rate of nearly 76%. As a result, the applications was processed, the correct and on-time rate reached 100%, and there were no delayed applications.

In particular, accorsding to the evaluation results of the quality of handling administrative procedures and implementing the 766 Index Set that are publicized on the National Service Portal, by March 2024, Di An City reached 89.73/100 points, ranked good; Ranked 1/9 districts, towns and cities of the province. 5/7 wards (Dong Hoa, Tan Binh, An Binh, Binh An, Di An) achieved over 90 points, classified as excellent; two wards Binh Thang and Tan Dong Hiep both scored over 80 points, ranked good.

Move towards building digital government

Administrative reform has been identified by Di An City as a key task, contributing to stimulating socio-economic development. The synchronous implementation of administrative reform has created a scientific working method, contributing to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of management processes, meeting the requirements of organizations and individuals. Processes, procedures, application processing time, fees and charges are clearly and publicly posted. The system for looking up results is located at locations of receiving and returning results of administrative documents, creating favorable conditions for organizations and citizens in administrative transactions, improving the satisfaction of organizations and people, and heightening the service spirit of officials and civil servants.

Also according to the City People's Committee, to continue to improve the effectiveness of administrative reform, digital transformation, and implement Project 06, the city continues to mobilize all resources and participation of the entire political system, people, and business community. Namely, Di An City continues to strengthen propaganda, improve the sense of responsibility of public employees, creating consensus among the people; thoroughly implement administrative reforms according to resolutions and directions of the Government, the province and the city's plans.

Along with that, the city enhances propaganda to show people how to carry out administrative procedures on the public service portal; activates electronic identity account; use VNeID account to log in to the National Public Service Portal; strives to have 100% of documents processed online and resolved, and results are returned to people on time. The City continues to review and examine administrative procedures, propose maximum simplicity of administrative procedures, ensuring the correct content and time as prescribed; Strictly implement public and transparent administrative procedures in many appropriate forms to make it easy for people and businesses to access; Strengthen supervision of the compliance of State agencies and public employees in implementing procedures and time for resolving administrative procedures; continue to improve the operations of the City Public Administration Service Center and the "single-window" department; implement the models "Friendly government of the people, by the people and for the people" and "Friendly public office serving the people".

In addition, Di An City strengthens the construction and development of digital government; applies information technology and digital technology to provide online services combined with applying a quality management system model; develops and implements a plan to build a smart urban area in Di An City in 2024; continues to implement the order and procedures of investment steps in the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) project in Di An City, the project is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024...

Reported by D.Trong, Pham An - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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