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At meetings with voters: Voters trust in candidates’ talent and virtue

Update: 17-05-2021 | 12:11:26

As of now, meetings between voters and candidates for the 15th National Assembly (NA) and People's Councils at all levels for the 2021-2026 tenure have been completed basically. At the meeting, voters put their trust in candidates ‘capacity and qualifications. They also wanted that if being elected, the candidates  will fulfill their promises and make contributions to the development of the country and the locality.

Close to the people, understand the people, respect the people

At the meetings with voters, candidates for the 15th NA and People's Council at all levels presented their action plans. In general, they showed their determination to dedicate, serve the legitimate interests of the people and closely adhere to their positions and responsibilities in association with the local development. If being elected, the candidates will try their best to build the close relationship with voters, listen to the opinions of voters and boldly present their opinions to the NA, People's Councils at all levels, joining hands with functional agencies to set up solutions to better care for the lives of the people towards the common goal of building up a more civilized, modern and affectionate Binh Duong.

A voter of Phu Hoa Ward  in Thu Dau Mot city expressed their trust in the candidates while wanting that if being elected, they to well realize their promises to the voters

At the meetings, the candidates all believed that in order to well implement their action programs, they must strive to cultivate themselves, be exemplary, have a deep understanding of voters to promptly reflect to their aspirations to functional agencies via meetings. The candidates also promised to work with the highest sense of responsibility; actively study to improve their qualifications according to the requirements of the set tasks; strengthen moral training, together with family members to live simply, harmoniously with all people.

Especially, an important issue that all the candidates are deeply aware of is that the success depends mainly on the people's hearts and people's strength. Therefore, they must trust in the people, respect the people, listen to the people's opinions in order to realize the noble goal of constantly improving the people's quality of life. Each candidate vows to do his/her best to fulfill the duties of an elected representative, to meet the expectations of voters under the motto "Close to the people - understand the people - respect the people - be useful to the people".

Listen to people’s voice

After learning about the candidates’ brief biographies as well as their action programs, voters expressed their trust in the candidates. Voter Nguyen Ngoc Hanh in Tan Uyen town’s Tan Hiep ward  shared: “I see that all the candidates have good professional capacity and intelligence with a lot of experience to work. All of them show their determination to dedicate themselves to serve the legitimate interests of the people and to be close to their positions and responsibilities in association with the local development. However, I want that if being elected, the candidates must fulfill their promises to voters…”.

Sharing the same feeling, voter Doan Van Phan in North Tan Uyen district’s Tan Binh commune said: "The elections of deputies to the 15th NA and People's Council at all levels for the 2021-2026 tenure is a major political event, helping the people exercise their right to mastery. On May 23, through ballots, voters have the right to choose virtuous and talented deputies who represent the people’s will and aspirations. I believe that with their virtue and talent, all the candidates are worthy. If being elected, they will opportunely reflect the people's aspirations to functional agencies."

Representing the youth of provincial armed forces, voter Le Nhu Phong of provincial Military Command said: "Through the meeting with candidates to the 15th NA and provincial People’s Council, I saw that they all have good professional capacity, intelligence, a lot of experience in their work. The candidates showed their determination to dedicate, serve the legitimate interests of the people and be close to the position and responsibility in association with the local development. I hope that when being elected, the candidates will fulfill their responsibilities and promises to the voters. On behalf of the local armed forces' youth, I also addressed a number of issues on transport infrastructure development in order to reduce congestion during peak hours; job creation, vocational training, and vocational orientation for rural young people and demobees; network security; mechanisms and policies for armed forces to contribute to building a regular, elite, and step-by-step modern the candidates.

Contents addressed to candidates

At the meetings, along with expressing their trust, voters also wanted that if being elected, the candidates need to have many solutions to improve the quality of people's lives and contribute to promoting the development of the country in general and Binh Duong in particular. Voter Tran Van Quang in Tan Uyen town’s Thai Hoa ward expressed: “I and other voters want that if being elected, the candidates must keep their  promises to voters; be close to voters, in order to listen to their opinions and aspirations, acting as a bridge between them with the authorities; grasp pressing problems of the society. On this occasion, I also sent some issues on traffic infrastructure construction to ensure traffic safety, reduce traffic jams during peak hours; environmental protection, security and order ... ".

Whilst, voter Le Van Than in TDM city’s Tuong Binh Hiep ward suggested: "The issue that I care about is still corruption fighting and prevention. Corruption gets more complicated,  there must be a drastic anti-corruption policy. In the past time, a series of corruption cases were exposed, causing a State budget loss of thousands of billions of dong while our country is still poor and the people are still facing many difficulties”.

Especially, for a province that is developing strongly in industry, environmental protection is always a top priority. Voter Nguyen Thi Huong, from Di An city’s Di An ward said: “I hope that the elected candidates will fulfill their promises to the people and make more drastic recommendations to deal with environmental pollution. Over the past time, the whole country as well as Binh Duong province had many solutions to reduce environmental pollution, but in fact, many places are still seriously polluted. Companies have secretly discharged waste into the environment... As a result, many rivers are forced to die, affecting people's lives and health. Therefore, more drastic policies and solutions need to be implemented in the coming time".

Reported by Thu Thao-Translated by K.T

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