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Awaken the student’s desire to start a business

Update: 28-05-2024 | 12:08:42

In order to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of students, helping them change their thinking, awareness, and have great aspirations to turn dreams and ideas into reality, universities and colleges in the province have organized many creative start-up activities for students.

Vocational education and higher education institutions in the province have many practical programs and activities to support students' start-ups. In photo: Student Startup Club of Thu Dau Mot University organizes many activities to support student startups.

 A useful playground

“TLS Innovation 2024” is a startup program for students organized by Thuy Loi University Branch with the purpose of creating a useful playground for students passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. The program attracted a large number of students from high schools and universities in the Southern region to present their unique, creative and potential startup ideas.

Dr. Le Xuan Bao, Deputy Director of the university branch, Head of the Competition Organizing Committee, said that building a startup and innovation community is necessary in the context of a strongly developing economy. “TLS Innovation 2024” is one of the important events in the development strategy of Thuy Loi University Branch in its efforts to form a startup and innovation support center in Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas. This is also the first competition that is to lay the foundation for future startup competitions at the school.

Outstandingly surpassing many contestants, student Huynh Ngoc Han from Thuy Loi University Branch with her project of raising black soldier flies as animal feed from indigenous microbial products (imo) in the province Ca Mau, won the first prize of the competition. Ngoc Han said: “As a person born and grew up in Ca Mau, I have always cherished the dream of building a sustainable economy for my hometown. I am very happy that my project was highly appreciated by the jury and won the top prize in this competition. Participating in the competition gave students opportunities to learn, hone their knowledge, start-up skills and turn ideas into reality. This is truly a useful and attractive playground."

Not only is it a starting point for students who want to realize their startup dreams, "TLS Innovation 2024" is also a place to connect schools, training centers, businesses, startup funds, and promote young people's desire to start their own businesses. Besides, this is also a playground that brings creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to students, helping them gain more knowledge, skills, and useful experience for future study and work.

Support students to start a business

In recent years, vocational education institutions and universities in the province have increasingly had many practical programs and activities to support, help and encourage students to start a business, such as: dissemination and entrepreneurship education for students; competitions to encourage students to develop startup topics; to cooperate with businesses to organize exchange and experience activities at businesses to create conditions for students to access production and business activities; create an environment to support student startups.

Thu Dau Mot University Student Startup Club was established in 2019. Currently, the Club's Executive Board has 7 members and 172 members of the club come from different faculties and classes but share the same passion for entrepreneurship. The members are all core forces in organizing and supporting startup activities at the school, building an innovative startup ecosystem in the school in particular and Binh Duong province in general.

Pham Chi Trong, Chairman of the Club, said that this is a playground for all students who love starting a business. The Club organizes and supports practical activities to meet the needs and aspirations of students, contributing to creating a playground for students with passion and entrepreneurial spirit. At the same time, the Club creates opportunities for members to learn from experience, exchange and connect with startup programs from experts, entrepreneurs, and startup organizations.

In recent years, the Student Startup Club of Thu Dau Mot University has achieved impressive results, such as: to update more than 5,000 creative ideas on the youth creative idea bank portal of the Central Youth Union; advise Green World project to win the potential project award in the student competition with creative startup ideas in 2023... In addition, the Club has helped many projects achieve high prizes at regional and national competitions through companion activities such as consulting, guidance, training...

“In the coming time, the Club will continue to coordinate with units to promote training of knowledge and entrepreneurship skills for club members with many different forms to motivate students to build new ideas and projects, participate in start-up competitions at school as well as other competitions nationwide", Trong added.

In addition to organizing training activities and fostering entrepreneurial knowledge and skills for students, educational institutions also support programs, projects, and startup ideas of students. This activity has created a supportive environment and favorable conditions for students to form and realize start-up ideas and projects and create their own jobs after graduation.

 The project "Supporting students to start a business until 2025" was assigned by the Prime Minister to the Ministry of Education and Training to implement with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship spirit, equipping startup skills and creating conditions for students' ideas to develop and become specific solutions with practical value. In order to concretize this project, in recent years, vocational and higher education institutions in Binh Duong province have had many practical programs and activities to support, help students to start their own businesses, with the desire to improve the quality of human resource training and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit for students.

 Reported by H.Phuong, D.Linh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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