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Bau Bang’s hi-tech based animal husbandry develops

Update: 01-03-2024 | 11:28:59

According to a report from Bau Bang district’s Economic Division, in February 2024, the district’s animal husbandry developed stably. The total herd of pigs in the local households and farms decreased slightly. The majority of the local breeding households and farmers have worked under the contacts of foreign-invested companies.

Bau Bang district is now home to 319 pig farms, including 3 FDI companies with 31,300 pigs and 120 poultry farms. There are 107 pig farms with 171,219 heads and 66 poultry farms with 2,307,000 heads under hi-tech models. The whole district also has 134 households raising swallows, with 145 swallow houses covering ​​27,072 square meters. The total herd of swallows is estimated at about 26,648 heads.

Reported by Tien Hanh-Translated by Kim Tin

Bau Bang
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