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Bau Bang with 10-year development

Update: 12-04-2024 | 11:45:06

After 10 years of construction and development, Bau Bang district has achieved great achievements in many fields. They are the pride and solid premise of Bau Bang district to further create a breakthrough in socio-economic development, becoming one of the cores of dynamic industrial development in the province and southern key economic region.

Bright spot in attracting investment, developing industrial manufacture

Coming to Bau Bang today, walking around the vibrant and modern industrial parks with spacious factories, few people think that this place used to be a purely agricultural land with lacking and outdated infrastructure. After 10 years of separation from Ben Cat town, Bau Bang district has changed dramatically, becoming a locality with a developed industrial economy.

The appearance of Bau Bang district has got thriving after 10 years of construction and development

Feeling about the change of Bau Bang, Huang Hao Cheng, Director of Ampacs International Co., Ltd. said: "The company has been operating in Bau Bang Industrial Park since 2019, investing in the field of consumer electronics manufacturing. At that time, this place was quite deserted, with few businesses. The infrastructure system of the local industrial parks have been improved, attracting more investors. After 5 years of development, the district has created favorable conditions for the company to develop. We feel secure in production and business”.

Bau Bang district has attracted thousands of investment registration projects. The district has absorbed 249 FDI projects, up 50 compared to 2014, with toal capital of more than US$ 730 million, up more than US$ 4 billion. The district has lured 1,214 domestic investmen projects, with total capital of more than VND 32.53trillion.

Through implementing synchronous solutions in infrastructure investment and development of industrial parks, Bau Bang district has so far formed up 2 industrial parks with a total planned area of ​​thousands of hectares. The district’s industrial planning area has increased to about 2,000 hectares, including 893 hectares of the expanded Bau Bang industrial park and 95 hectares of Tan Binh Industrial Park. The district has also attracted thousands of billions of VND from economic sectors to invest in building technical infrastructure of Bau Bang industrial park, the expanded Bau Bang and Tan Binh industrial parks.

In addition, Cay Truong industrial park with 700 hectares and Lai Hung Industrial Park with 600 hectares are preparing steps for implementation. Thus, when the above industrial parks are formed, the district's industrial land area will be 3,300 hectares.

According to Vo Thanh Giau, Chairman of the district’s People's Committee, with the view that infrastructure is the leading factor to pave the way for socio-economic development, over the past decade, the district has always taken advantage of all resources to invest in technical infrastructure, especially traffic infrastructure. The synchronous and connected traffic system is a lever for the district to become a bright spot in attracting investment, meeting the needs of goods circulation for businesses and faciliating people’s travelling. Over the past 10 years, the district completed investment in construction of arterial roads, namely My Phuoc - Bau Bang, North Tan Uyen - Phu Giao - Bau Bang at the Tan Long - Lai Uyen section), creating motivation for the local socio-economic development in the coming years.

Witnessing the change in their homeland, most people living in Bau Bang land are extremely excited and proud. Tran Thi Tuyet, a resident of Hung Hoa commune’s hamlet 5 said: "Bau Bang has now worn a new, more modern outfit. The narrow roads in the past have as of now been expanded to be spacious and clean, helping people travel and trade more conveniently. Espencially, the local industrial parks have attracted many investment projects, creating a new look for the locality, creating jobs for many people in and out of the locality".

Promoting trade and services

Industrial development has led to the rapid development of the trade and service sector in the district. The district's commercial and service infrastructure system has basically met people’s needs for shopping.

Industrial parks attract many FDI  projects. In picture: Production activities of Ampacs International Co., Ltd.

In Bau Bang district, there are currently 10 markets, 4 Green Grocery stores, 1 bus station with 47 vehicles registering to operate on 25 routes, including 24 fixed routes with 41 vehicles and 1 bus route with 6 buses. In addition, many banks have opened branches in the district to serve all economic sectors. Credit - banking activities in the area are relatively stable, ensuring to serve organizations and individuals who need loans for economic development.

In addition, the district has especially created favorable conditions for economic sectors to participate in, giving priority to enterprises investing in business activities while encouraging households to expand their business scopes. During the past 10 years, the district has developed 5,745 registered business households with total capital of more than VND 1.44 trillion. The total number of business households by the end of 2023 is 8,360 households with total capital of more than VND2.37 trillion.

Along with strong socio-economic development, many new residential areas are under construction. This is a favorable condition for the district to develop housing trade and services. In addition to residential - urban areas invested by Becamex IDC, as of late 2023, the district developed additional 24 new residential area projects, bringing the total number of residential and housing projects to 31 with an area of ​​over 1,608 hectares, meeting the housing needs for about 195,144 people. The entire district has built housing areas for workers with more than 23,500 lodging rooms and kiosks.

It is known that for the trade and service sector with development commensurate with the local development speed, the district organized a workshop on "Orientation for development of entertainment industry in Bau Bang district for the period of 2017-2020, vision to 2030” as a basis for calling for investment over the past time, thereby gradually forming up markets and supermarkets in concentrated residential areas, encouraging the development of a network of goods distribution agents and retail systems, developing types of services on finance, education, aesthetics, culture - arts, health care, entertainment areas, picnic tours, eco-tourism...

Vo Thanh Giau, Chairman of the district’s People's Committee: Upholding the results achieved over 10 years of establishment of the district, with the orientation of developing Bau Bang district into the northern industrial-urban center of the province and a city before 2030, the district will further develop industrial manufacture in association with investment in high-tech science and production industries associated with research and development and environmentally friendly factors. The district has invested in synchronous traffic routes, connecting and developing the fields of trade and services to become an important economic sector, accounting for a high proportion in the district's economic structure; developed urban areas under the model of a chain of urban areas linked along routes, contributing to upgrading the district into Bau Bang town; fostered urban agriculture towards applying high-tech techniques under VietGAP standards and products meeting OCOP standards.

Reported by Tien Hanh-T.Hung-Translated by Kim Tin

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