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Binh Duong actively invests in infrastructure with regional connectivity

Update: 30-03-2023 | 09:20:03

Part 2: Accelerating construction progress of belt road 3

The Southeast corridor is the main economic axis of the region, connecting from the Central Highlands, through Binh Duong, Dong Nai, to Cai Mep - Thi Vai port. The interval between the belt road 3 and the belt road 4 is assessed by the Government as the most suitable area for industrial development, national and regional infrastructure facilities. Binh Duong is actively joining forces to accelerate the construction progress of the belt road 3 - a key traffic project connecting the region.

All resources mobilized

The belt road 3 is expected to promote the socio-economic development of the region. Currently, localities where the belt road 3 passing through are using all their resources to speed up the construction progress of the work. The belt road 3 passing through Binh Duong is more than 26km long, with component project 5 (including Tan Van intersection and Binh Goi bridge) and component project 6 (comprising of compensation, support, resettlement). The province has proactive to invest and put 15.3km into use (partially coinciding with My Phuoc - Tan Van expressway invested by Becamex IDC).

The belt road 3 with the session passing through Binh Duong is a key route with traffic connectivity traffic, promoting socio-economic development of the whole region

Regarding the construction progress of the component project 5, Vuong The Hung, Director of provincial Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board said: “The Management Board has completed procedures for selecting all 11 contractors, technical design consultants to participate in the project under the regulations, in order to be eligible to start the project as set out goals ahead of June 30 consistent with the guiding spirit of the National Assembly and the Government. Currently, functional units are focusing on speeding up geological surveys and making technical design documents, in which priority is given to the preparation and approval of two bidding packages that are expected to start construction first, including Binh Chuan intersection and Binh Gioi bridge”.

Mr. Hung added that for construction materials, Binh Duong province has basically met the demand for materials for the component project 5 and supported the supply of a part of stone materials of all kinds... for other localities. The province has also required other localities to support leveling sand, due to lacking this kind of building material.

Opening "campaign" on site clearance

The belt road 3 project has about 1,600 affected cases and it is expected to arrange resettlement for 515 cases. According to the Project Management Board, so far compensation and site clearance have reached more than 70%. Particularly, the issuance of land recovery notices has reached 99% while the tasks of investigation, survey, measurement and inventory obtained 95%. For the formulation and approval of the land price plan, the Project Management Board has submitted the land unit price of the section through Thu Dau Mot city and Thuan An city to provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment for appraisal in March, 2023.

Vuong The Hung, Director of the Project Management Board said: “The compensation and site clearance in the component 6 project of the belt road 3 have so far reached more than 70%. It is estimated that this work will be completed before June 30 to serve the construction of the work.

Ha Minh Tuan, Chairman of the People's Committee of An Son commune in Thuan An city said that the belt road 3 project through An Son commune has 250 affected cases. The majority of the local people agreed with a policy to build the road after 3 meetings. The communal People's Committee has worked closely with Thuan An city’s Land Fund Development Center to contact a number of land users who do not have permanent residence in the locality to conduct an inventory. Up to now, the commune has completed the measurement and tally of trees, crops and architectural objects on the land.

Ton Quang Vinh, Chairman of Binh Chuan ward’s People's Committee said: "The belt road 3 with the section through Binh Chuan has 94 households within the scope of compensation and site clearance. Over the past time, the ward was proactive to coordinate with relevant agencies, including Thuan An city’s Land Fund Development Center to measure, inventory and hand over the notices of land acquisition to affected cases. So far, this task has been fulfilled. The locality is determined to well perform entrusted tasks under the plan. However, people in the area of ​​site clearance have wanted the local authorities to consider compensation prices to be satisfactory and speed up the progress of the implementation.

Nguyen Van Loi, member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Head of provincial National Assembly Deputy Delegation said: "Binh Duong will study, consider and approve policies to support people when implementing the project. The locality will apply compensation and clearance prices appropriately, meeting the aspirations of affected households in the spirit of not letting people face disadvantages and harmonizing benefits. In order to promptly remove difficulties, Di An city and Thuan An city must mobilize the whole political system on opening up a "campaign" for compensation, site clearance…(To be continued)

Nguyen Van Loi, member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Head of provincial National Assembly Deputy Delegation: “The belt road 3 is a key national project, playing a very important role in the development of the whole country in general and the Southeast region in particular. Therefore, the consensus of people and enterprises for the policy has made a great contribution to speeding up the construction progress of the project."
As for the belt road 4 of Ho Chi Minh city, about 48.3km through Binh Duong, the province has also put 26.6km into use. Becamex IDC has so far completed a pre-feasibility study report to take the next steps in accordance with regulations, soon deploying and completing the investment in the period of 2023-2026.

Reported by Phuong Le-Translated by Kim Tin

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