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Binh Duong allocated 15,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine in 2nd stage

Update: 09-04-2021 | 11:35:37

The Ministry of Health has just issued the Decision No.1821/QD-BYT on the allocation of Covid-19 vaccine in the second stage.

Accordingly, 811,200 doses of AstraZeneca's novel coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine sponsored by COVAX will be allocated to some provinces and cities. Among them, Binh Duong continues to be assigned 15,100 doses of vaccine by the Ministry of Health. On that basis, provincial Department of Health has directed units to receive vaccines, preserve them and deploy vaccination as stipulated. The vaccination must be completed by May 15. For those who have had the first shots, they will be given the second shots 28 days later. The results of  the vaccination will be reported to the Ministry of Health.

Earlier, the province was allocated 1,700 doses of Covid-19 vaccine in the first stage. The province has so far administered the Covid-19 vaccine to 1,902 people belonging to priority groups. Among 1,902 recipients, 978 had normal reactions and there was no case with severe reactions after the injection.

Reported by Kim Ha-Translated by K.T

Binh Duong
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