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Binh Duong reaches vigorous development in green agriculture

Update: 27-11-2023 | 13:11:26

Promoting high-tech, clean, organic agriculture under the Oragnic, GlobalGAP, VietGAP standards has raised the level of Binh Duong agriculture. Although the proportion of agriculture accounts for only 3% of the local economic structure, agriculture has reaped many encouraging results based on the core foundation of quality and added value of products.

High efficiency

Based on the natural foundation of alluvial soil, red yellow soil and gray soil, Binh Duong is bending on developing green agriculture, creating a sustainable direction for the local agricultural sector. The first model of green agriculture widely applied by Binh Duong is organic agriculture. This agriculture does not use fertilizer or chemicals that are harmful to the health of producers and consumers. This model thrives on alluvial soil in the hilly areas along the Dong Nai and Saigon rivers.

VietGAP grapefruit and orange growing model of Tam Lap Agricultural Cooperative in Phu Giao district brings high economic value

According to the reporter, most of the farming households, farms and cooperatives have gradually changed their farming methods, almost returning to traditional methods such as composting green manure, making crop rotation, taking advantage of waste products from livestock to create sources of organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, eliminating artificial factors combined with modern technology to help fertile land, creating a closed organic agriculture system, thereby generating clean agricultural products with safety standards, quality assurance at the increasing needs of consumers.

Chau Van Loi, a farmer in Phuoc Hoa commune in Phu Giao district said that products created from organic agricultural production will bring great prices and ensure safety for consumers and producers. Initially, he planted 2 hectares of grapefruit to test organic agriculture. Realizing the high efficiency of the model, he continued replicating it and has so far grown 5 hectares of grapefruit under organic agricultural standards.

Vinamit Joint Stock Company is a pioneering processing enterprise investing in large-scale organic farms in Vietnam and well exporting to demanding markets such as the US, Europe... Covering  ​​more than 150 hectares, with more than 54 plant varieties, the company has achieved the certification for organic farming and organic agricultural products under USDA (US Department of Agriculture) Organic and EU Organic standards. Nguyen Thanh Hoang, Director of Vinamit Joint Stock Company said that first of all, making organic fertilizer from biological products is for the health of producers and their family members. On the other hand, organic farming requires a long and expensive investment process, so organic products cannot be cheap and sold on a large scale.

As one of the people full of experience in growing citrus trees and applying many clean agricultural production standards, Doan Minh Chien, the owner of Doan Minh Chien general farm in North Tan Uyen district, has also applied organic agricultural production. He shared that in a bid to implement agricultural production innovation, the farm has also boldly applied organic agricultural production standards to oranges and grapefruits. Compared to other standards, organic agricultural production requires more careful farming methods and stricter compliance, and the farm is also gradually applying new technologies in organic agricultural production to key products.

Inevitable direction

In a bid to promote green agricultural production in combination with appropriate technologies for each type of ecological region, in harmony with the environment. Binh Duong has focused on areas with gray soil distributed in Dau Tieng district, Ben Cat town, Thuan An city, Thu Dau Mot city while expanding implementation in the yellow soil distribution area, mainly in the districts of North Tan Uyen, Phu Giao districts, Tan Uyen city in the form of high-tech agriculture. The entire province now has ​​​​about 5,763.5 hectares of farming land with high technology application, about 172 hectares of ​​​​urban agricultural land, including about 600 hectares for organic farming on citrus fruit trees, vegetables and other fruit trees...

According to the assessment of provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, most farms and cooperatives in the province have paid more attention to organic production at the requirements of safe standards for all agricultural products. Using organic fertilizer in production is also the leading alternative selection to chemical fertilizer as it is more effective without causing negative effects on the environment. Microbial organic fertilizer contains many microorganisms that are beneficial to plants, helping soil loose, retaining moisture, not discoloring the soil. In addition, microbial organic fertilizer also provides complete nutrients, increasing plant immunity and helping increase productivity by 20% compared to using inorganic fertilizer.

From that result, the province has built specialized farming areas towards improving the quality, efficiency, added value and increasing product competitiveness through sustainable, value chain linkages with geographical guidance, traceability; applied science and technology, practiced production under the good agricultural processes, biodiversity, organic agriculture, meeting standards and technical regulations on food safety and environmental protection.

In the coming time, the province will promote agricultural restructuring associated with new rural construction, focusing on prioritizing agricultural development with clean, environmentally friendly, organic agricultural products with high productivity, great value and capacity of exporting in accordance with climate change and the ecological environment. The province will also promote the production of agricultural products under domestic market standards requirements and towards export.

Pham Van Bong, Director of provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that organic agriculture has increased continuously and tended to further go up. Organic agricultural production is consistent with the policy of restructuring agricultural sector towards increasing added values with environmentally friendly and sustainable development, aiming at export, contributing to positioning and enhancing the brand of Binh Duong agricultural products.

Reported by Thoai Phuong-Huong Thao-Translated by Kim Tin

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