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Binh Duong recordes 12 deaths due to dengue

Update: 25-07-2022 | 16:16:47

Up to 24 July, Binh Duong recorded 2 more deaths due to dengue fever, bringing the total number of deaths from the beginning of this year up 12. The two deaths were in TDM City with and Tan Uyen Town.  Among the 12 deaths, there were 8 cases of under the age 15.

According to medical supervision data, the province recorded 8.567 infection cases, an increase of 441 cases compared with the previous week. The number of severe cases was 279, the number of outbreaks has been spotted was 1.520, an increase of 500 compared to the same period last year. Localities that have high infection rate (over 1,000 case) are Tan Uyen Town 1.793 cases, Di An City 1.444 cases, Thu Dau Mot City 1,149 cases, Thuan An City 1.155 cases, Ben Cat Town1.122 cases.

To prevent dengue fever being on the rise, the Provincial Party Committee wrote Document 842-CV/TU asking Party organizations to strengthen leadership, direct the implementation of four anti-epidemic contents. In particular, Provincial Party Standing Committee requires Provincial People's Committee to direct and instruct Department of Health, Department of Information and Communications in collaboration with related branches and People'S Committee of districts, towns, and cities to enhance propagation, encourage people perform the prevention and control of disease combined with the movement to new rural construction, urban civilization, cultural family, and other movements. The localities need to implement seriously professional activities in prevention and control of dengue fever, hand, foot and mouth, measles, whooping cough. The treatment facility perform the collected content distribution online, and treatment, prevention of cross infection in hospitals, strengthening capacity for diagnosis, treatment, minimize the deaths.

- On 24 July, Youth Union of Phu Cuong ward (Thu Dau Mot City) collaborated with medical station of the ward to launch peak day of “Green Sunday” in July 2022.

The program attracted the participation of many young people. The young ones came to local households, lodging houses on the ward to deliver flyers helping people improve their knowledge and awareness of the prevention of hand, foot and mouth disease, dengue fever; encourage people clean up the environment, prevent mosquito breeding, causing dengue fever.

Reported by Hoang Linh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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