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Binh Duong takes good care of new recruits

Update: 21-02-2024 | 11:22:06

For new recruits feeling secure to join the army, military rear work is always of concern to the Party committees and authorities at all levels in the province. These meaningful activities have encouraged the spirit of young people, contributing to achieving military handover targets at all 3 levels, with quality improved.

“Soldiers ‘spring”

During these days, provincial authorities at all levels have organized activities to visit, give gifts and encourage new recruits and their families so that they can feel secure in going on duty. On the day they complete their duty and return to their localities, these soldiers will also be joyfully welcomed, praised and recognized for their achievements during their duty performance...

The "Soldiers’ spring" program has helped new recruits feel secure in joining the army

Notably, the 2024 "Soldiers ‘spring" program was organized by provincial Military Command in coordination with the People's Committee of Dau Tieng district. The program took place with many meaningful activities such as offering flowers to the Victory Monument of Dau Tieng district; visiting and extending Tet greetings to heroic Vietnamese mothers, the families of soldiers on duty in Truong Sa, DK1 Platform; organizing "Army - People's Tet", "Zero-dong Spring Market - Spread love"; providing medical examination, medicine and gifts for policy families with difficult circumstances; handing over a gratitude house; organizing cultural exchanges, honoring and commending soldiers who have completed their military service and new recruits in 2024...

Lieutenant Colonel Le Danh Toi, Commander of Dau Tieng district’s Military Command said: "To achieve military handover targets at 2 levels, Dau Tieng district is very interested in the military rear work. When young people leave, we organize a very thoughtful send-off for them. And when they complete their military service and return to their localities, we also welcome them solemnly. The "Soldiers ‘spring" program has been organized by the district for 3 years and this year was chosen by provincial Military Command to organize it at provincial level. This is a practical and meaningful activity to show the concern of the local Party Committee, government and people for soldiers who complete military service and return to their localities, create a good impression and educate young people when entering the army and after completing their military service while encouraging soldiers to complete their military service, maintaining and promoting the traditional virtues of Uncle Ho's soldiers".

Participating in the program and exchanging with soldiers who have completed their military and returned to their localities, Nguyen Thai Bao, a new recruit in Dau Tieng district excitedly said: "At first, I was also worried, but through their sharing, I feel very excited to join the army. When I return, I will also be brave and mature like them".

“Strong rear, strong front line”


With the motto of "Strong rear, strong front line", many localities in the province have also had many practical activities to well implement military rear policies such as organizing visits and giving gifts for new recruits and soldiers working on borders, islands and their families during the Tet (Lunar New Year) festival and before enlisting.

From this concern, not only young people, families with children preparing to join the army are also very reassured. Nguyen Thi Dieu in Dau Tieng district has a son preparing to join the army. She shared: "This is the first time my son is away from home, and everyone who is a father and mother loves him. However, with the attention of the local government, we are very reassured and encourage our son to travel with peace of mind. I think with dedicated guidance and high collective practice, my child will become an adult when he completes his military service...".

Colonel Le Anh Duc, Deputy Commander, Chief of Staff of provincial Military Command said that in recent years, Binh Duong has always completed 100% of its military recruitment targets with high quality. To get the above results, in addition to well implementing steps in the military recruitment process, all-level authorities, sectors and localities in the province have paid attention to well implementing military rear policies, thereby promptly encouraging and helping young people feel secure and enthusiastic about joining the army. Localities have also held meetings with new recruits to assign tasks, expressing the trust and expectations of the Party Committee, local authorities and the wishes of relatives... before they join the army.

Reported by Thu Thao-Translated by Kim Tin

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