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Bring light to the elderly having difficult circumstances

Update: 24-11-2023 | 12:46:35

Having bright eyes is the burning desire of many elderly people with eye diseases, especially people living in difficult circumstances when they have to save every penny to make a living. Therefore, the free eye examination and surgery program for the elderly and poor people with eye diseases in Tan Uyen City is truly meaningful as sharing and bringing light to elderly people living in hardship.

Doctors perform free eye surgery for elderly people having difficult circumstances in Tan Uyen City.

Happy to find the light again

Since early morning, the medical examination area of Tan Uyen City Medical Center has been filled with people waiting for their turn to enter the eye clinic in a free eye examination and surgery program for the elderly and poor people with eye diseases, done by Red Cross Society of Tan Uyen City in coordination with the City Medical Center and Ho Chi Minh City Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients. Patients who came to this program are mostly elderly people with blurred vision, some who cannot even see their way, came here with the same hope of finding light again.

It has been 4 years since she could see light because of cataracts, so when she heard that there was a free eye examination and surgery program for poor elderly people, Nguyen Thi Lo (76 years old) in Bach Dang commune woke up her children very early in the morning to take her to the City Medical Center for free eye surgery. Over the past few years, living in darkness, Lo's daily activities have been very difficult. Her greatest wish is to see the light.

Nguyen Thi Lo happily said: “Today I wait for the doctor operates on my eyes so I can see again. I have had cataracts for 4 years now, my children and grandchildren are in difficulty, and I do not have VND7-8 million for an eye surgery. I hope this time the doctor will operate on my eyes so I can see my way around and my children can work without worrying about me anymore." Dang Van Khau (62 years old) in Thanh Hoi commune said: “My eyesight is poor so it affects my ability to walk and do daily activities. My children live far away, I am alone at home with no support. Last year I intended to go to the hospital for a check-up, but it was expensive so I had to wait. Luckily, the City Red Cross Association organized free eye examinations and surgeries, so I was very excited to come here early."

Doctors and nurses assist patients who have surgery.

By 12 noon, many patients had undergone surgery. Even though they had to cover their eyes with tape, everyone looked cheerful and happy. During this eye examination and surgery, people also received a more detailed explanation of eye diseases from specialists. The kindness and enthusiasm of the doctors and nurses left a deep impression on the hearts of poor elderly people in Tan Uyen City.

Working together to take care of needy people

Talking about the free eye examination and surgery program for elderly people having difficult circumstances in the area, Nguyen Thi Phuong, Chairwoman of Tan Uyen City Red Cross Association, shared that this program has profound meaning, bringing light to the elderly. The program has successfully performed surgery on 85 cases, helping patients have more convenient activities and stabilize their lives.

“Health care provision for the elderly in the area is one of the goals that the City Red Cross Association always aims for. Recently, Red Cross associations at all levels from city to grassroots have coordinated with the city's medical branch and humanitarian organizations to provide medical examination, health consultation and free medicine distribution to people. In particular, the association also organizes training classes for Red Cross staff and volunteers on initial first aid skills at first aid checkpoints, improves capacity and awareness of personal hygiene, improving physical condition and health," Phuong added.

"Due to difficult economic circumstances, many elderly people hesitate to have surgery, losing the "golden" period to effectively treat cataracts. Sharing difficulties with elderly people having difficult circumstances and poor people in the area, the City Medical Center coordinated with associations and unions to examine and perform eye surgeries free of charge for people. In addition, the center also organized consultations and examinations, helping people have the opportunity to access preventive services, early detection, and timely treatment of eye diseases, ensuring recovery and bring light to everyone." (Doctor Nguyen Thanh Nguyen, Director of Tan Uyen City Medical Center)

 Reported by Kim Ha - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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