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Bringing criteria on drug prevention and combat into emulation needed

Update: 23-02-2024 | 12:38:45

On the afternoon of February 22, provincial Party Committee held a conference to review the 3-year implementation of provincial Party Committee’s Program No. 128/CTr/TU dated March 9, 2020 to carry out the Politburo’s Directive No. 36-CT/TW dated August 16. 2019 on strengthening and improving the effectiveness of drug prevention combat and control in the province. Vo Van Minh, Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of provincial People's Committee chaired and directed the conference. The event was attended by Major General Cao Dang Hung, Deputy Chief of the Central Public Security Party Committee Office, Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Public Security's Office.

Reportedly, through professional work, from March 2020 to December 2023, provincial Police Agency eliminated 2,565 drug related crimes, an increase of 24.5% compared to the previous 3 consecutive years; arrested 4,899 subjects, an increase of 44.9% compared to the previous 3 consecutive years; seized 104,777 kg of drug of all kinds, an increase of 493.7% compared to the previous 3 years. The two-level police investigation agency prosecuted and investigated 2,239 cases, 3,468 drug-related suspects and handled 2,227 out of 3,409 suspects. The two-level People's Procuracy carried out prosecution and controlled the trial of 2,159 cases out of 3,302 defendants. As of December 2023, the whole province had 5 communes and wards without drug problems...

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Minh suggested that in the coming time, provincial Police Agency should further coordinate with relevant units to focus on propaganda to people from all strata; further promote the strength of the entire political system to restrain and prevent drug-related crimes and well realize detoxification and post-detoxification work. He emphasized that it is necessary to put drug prevention and combat criteria into emulation in grassroots authorities, relevant departments and sectors of the province.

Reported by Thanh Quang-Translated by Kim Tin

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