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Build a network to care for and protect workers

Update: 15-06-2024 | 10:46:38

Establishing a grassroots trade union and developing union members is an important task of the trade union organization. With the motto of leaving no gaps or blank spaces, grassroots trade unions in enterprises were born to take care of and protect the rights and interests of workers.

Thuan An City Trade Union officials advocate for the establishment of grassroots trade union at Little People Company - Lai Thieu Branch.

Promote the establishment of grassroots trade unions

Mobilizing employees to participate in trade unions, developing union membership, and establishing grassroots unions in enterprises is one of the top tasks. The 2019 Labor Code stipulates that it allows the establishment of employee representative organizations other than Vietnam Trade Unions at enterprises on the basis of compliance with international labor regulations and compliance with next-generation free trade agreements, the task of developing union members and gathering workers to join the Vietnam Trade Union has become more important than ever.

According to statistics in the first quarter 2024, the entire province established 44 new grassroots trade unions, developed 15,901 trade union members. The entire province has now over 4,000 grassroots trade unions.

In Bau Bang district, the district Labor Confederation has established two grassroots trade unions at Zincbert International Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Lai Uyen town) and Wonderful Mark Furniture Co., Ltd. (Hung Hoa commune). Ms. He Gong Mei, factory manager of Zincbert International Vietnam Company, affirmed that the Board of Directors will coordinate well with the grassroots trade unions to both care for and enhance the rights of employees and ensure profits for the company. In particular, Ms. He Gong Mei also wishes to receive more attention from the Confederation of Labor of Bau Bang district in joining hands to take care of the material and spiritual life so that union members and workers can have a stable and long-term commitment to the company.

Coming into operation from December 2022 specializing in shoe and footwear processing, the majority of employees in Hung Minh Huy Processing Co., Ltd. (An Binh ward, Di An city) are enthusiastic about their work and as well as emulation movements. By May 2024, Labor Confederation of Di An City issued a decision to establish the grassroots trade union of Hung Minh Huy Processing Co., Ltd. The company's union quickly built programs and carried out activities to protect the legal rights and interests of employees, helping employees feel secure as working in the company, creating a solid foundation for growth. Mr. Tran Manh Hung, Chairman of the company's grassroots trade union, said: “The trade union will be a bridge to listen to the thoughts and aspirations of union members, build a collective labor agreement so that workers are best cared for; pay attention to union members and workers having difficult circumstances and improve the spiritual life of workers."

Previously, with the theme "Uniting workers - implementing the resolution", Tan Uyen City Labor Confederation issued a decision to establish 9 grassroots trade unions with 822 union members. According to statistics in the first quarter of 2024, the whole province established 44 new grassroots trade unions, developing 15,901 trade union members. Accumulated up to now, the whole province has over 4,000 grassroots trade unions.

Promoting the role of caring for and protecting employees

Grassroots trade union is not only a place to meet but also a place to resolve problems between employees and businesses, give opinions to businesses to build welfare regimes for employees and effectively promote funds to support disadvantaged employees. In recent times, grassroots trade unions have actively and proactively coordinated with the government and businesses to implement democratic regulations and organize dialogue meetings at the workplace; Represent employees to negotiate and sign collective labor agreements and labor regulations; Urge businesses to buy social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and develop an annual health check-up program for employees, creating trust and bond between businesses and employees.

In recent years, trade unions have helped workers in signing labor contracts, advising workers on the rights and obligations of workers in the contracts they sign, to ensure workers' rights. Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ha, Chairwoman of grassroots trade union of Chi Hung Company (Tan Uyen City) said: “The company's trade union always participates and supports the Board of Directors when there are structural changes, rearrangement of labor and personnel or improvements in investment, technology, and equipment to serve production and business activities. The company's trade union, on behalf of the Board of Directors, grasps the thoughts and aspirations of employees; reflect opinions, motivate and encourage employees to be self-aware and conscious in labor and production, thereby helping businesses to arrange labor appropriately to maximize the efficiency of resources and meet the requirements of businesses".

Meanwhile, Mr. Truong Thanh Dung, Chairman of grassroots trade union of Rochdale Spears Company (Thuan An City) shared: “In recent times, the company's trade union has assisted employers in developing labor regulations, payroll, and collective labor agreements. If in special situations a dispute occurs such as unilateral termination of the labor contract, labor discipline, or strike, the union will organize a dialogue to reconcile the interests of the employee with the employer. In addition, the company's union also helps businesses monitor the implementation of legal regulations on employee benefits, prevent labor accidents, irresponsible work, and failure to respect labor commitments and agreements".

Reported by K.Ha, H.Trung - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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