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Clay piggy bank - a gift filled with childhood memories

Update: 09-12-2023 | 10:46:05

Although being the industrial "capital" of the whole country, Binh Duong still retains many typical traditional beautiful features of the Southeastern region, with solemnly organized festivals and craft villages still operating hundreds of years. And, Lai Thieu clay piggy bank village in Thuan An city is an indispensable destination for tourists looking for meaningful souvenirs.

Whenever having the opportunity to visit Binh Duong, many tourists often look for clay piggy banks as gifts for relatives. This is because the image of colorful clay piggy banks is always associated with the childhood of many people, especially the 7-8X generations.

Young people are excited to experience the steps of making a clay piggy bank

In today's modern life, besides many computer games, clay piggy banks are considered as a cheap and multi-purpose toy. Not only having a cute shape, clay piggy banks are also a great assistant to help children learn many useful lessons. Therefore, many parents often buy clay piggy banks as gifts for their children after each trip, especially when visiting Binh Duong.

In addition to being a useful toy, clay piggy banks are now also named for mass organization branches and schools ‘savings models to help each other. In the last days of the year, thousands of clay piggy banks were opened, contributing tens of millions of dong to "mutual love, mutual affection" funds. Many children also opened their clay piggy banks to contribute small gifts to students with difficult circumstances, or to soldiers who are duty on remote borders and islands...

Clay piggy bank making is one of the traditional crafts being present for a long time in Lai Thieu land. Through the ups and downs of time, this special craft village is still preserved and developed by generations. The humanistic meaning of piggy bank models to help each other as well as the usefulness of this funny toy has made clay piggy banks become popular again in recent years. Accordingly, households doing this craft have also gradually revived, making Lai Thieu clay piggy bank craft village get more vibrant, especially at the end of the year.

To learn more about this traditional craft village as well as experiencing the stages of creating a typical ceramic product that appears in domestic and foreign markets, and listening to the thoughts of the artisans getting involved in this craft for tens of years, please watch the next episode of the "I love Binh Duong" program. The episode is implemented by Binh Duong University of Economics and Technology. It  has just won second prize in the video clip category at the 2nd Competition on Press Works with the theme of "I love Binh Duong" organized by Binh Duong Newspaper. The program will be broadcast at 6 am on Sunday (December 10, 2023) at: www.

Reported by Thuc Van-Translated by Kim Tin

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