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Closing of the 13th session, Provincial People's Council term 10: Quickly implement resolutions

Update: 09-12-2023 | 10:46:05

After 1.5 days of serious work with a spirit of urgency, science, democracy and high responsibility, on Dec 8, the 13th session of the 10th Provincial People's Council completed the working program and came to an end.

The closing session of the 13th session of Provincial People's Council, term 10.

Adopt important decisions

At the 13th session, the 10th Provincial People's Council discussed the situation and implementation results of plans of socio-economic development, finance - state budget, public investment in 2023, and passed a resolution on the socio-economic development plan; decided on the State budget estimate and public investment plan for 2024.

Provincial People's Council commented that in 2023, under the focused, resolute and scientific leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, directly and regularly of Provincial Party Standing Committee; the initiative, companionship, flexible and effective supervision of Provincial People's Council; the management and administration of Provincial People's Committee; The efforts, solidarity and effective coordination of the entire political system, business community and people of all walks of life in the province achieved many good results; Economic growth rate is estimated to increase by 5.97%; Completed 24/35 major socio-economic targets. Social security is guaranteed and people's lives are improved. Along with that, culture, public healthcare, and education continue to receive attention and development. The work of checking, inspecting, receiving citizens, resolving complaints and denunciations and preventing and combating corruption and negativity continues to be promoted; National defense - security, social order and safety are maintained and stable. Foreign affairs activities are vibrant and are a highlight in 2023.

In addition, Provincial People's Council focused on discussing, analyzing and clarifying a number of difficult and limited issues, such as: implementation and disbursement of public investment capital; revenue; bottlenecks in mobilizing investment resources throughout society; progress of implementing provincial planning, construction planning, and major projects of some sectors; The number of students at all levels continues to increase, putting pressure on education sector, especially in southern localities; shortage of drugs, equipment, and medical supplies; work to remove difficulties for businesses, reform administrative procedures, digital transformation, Project 06...

In particular, at this meeting, Provincial People's Council considered and passed 22 important resolutions in various fields; in which Provincial People's Council decided on the investment policy of the Ho Chi Minh City - Thu Dau Mot - Chon Thanh Expressway Project (section passing through Binh Duong province) according to the public-private partnership (PPP) method, accelerating the progress of key national transport projects, promoting inter-regional connectivity...

In addition, Provincial People's Council approved some specific regimes and policies for those who are officers of single-window departments at all levels, community digital technology teams, full-time students studying nursing, midwives, and civil servants, medical officials... These regimes and policies aim to retain a team of experienced public employees, improve the quality of service to people and businesses when coming to carry out administrative procedures, as well as effectively carry out digital transformation work in the province; At the same time, ensure human resources for medical sector to serve health care needs of the people.

Sustainable development

Speaking at the closing session, Nguyen Van Loc, Member of Provincial Party Standing Committee, Chairman of Provincial People's Council, emphasized that 2024 is a breakthrough year, moving towards completing the five-year plan according to the Provincial Party Resolution period 2020-2025, requiring the participation and consensus of the entire political system. Provincial People's Council agreed with Provincial People's Committee on key tasks and solutions that need to be focused on in 2024, and the speeches demonstrated the sense of responsibility and determination of Provincial People's Committee at this meeting. Besides, Provincial People's Council believes that, with the determination and solidarity of the entire political system; with the striving and efforts of all levels, branches, businesses and all people, the province will firmly overcome all difficulties and challenges to successfully implement the 2024 socio-economic development plan recently approved by Provincial People's Council, creating momentum for sustainable development in the coming years.

Nguyen Van Loc said that with that spirit, Provincial People's Council will continue to innovate and improve the practical operational capacity of each representative and agency of Provincial People's Council; focus on improving the quality of meetings; strengthen and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of supervision activities, focus on key issues and pressing issues in social life to meet the trust and expectations of voters and people in conscious.

Loc emphasized that the 13th session of the Provincial People's Council, term 10, was a great success, continued to have innovation and creativity, increasingly meeting practical requirements. With a democratic and responsible working spirit, the meeting voted to pass 22 resolutions with a very high approval rate. Immediately after the meeting, Provincial People's Committee needs to urgently implement the newly passed resolutions. Provincial People's Council delegates performed well in contacting voters; information and dissemination to voters and people about the results of the session, especially new regulations, new policies and adjusted and supplemented regulations...

Reported by Do Trong - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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