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Collaborate support and connection for agricultural product consumption

Update: 28-11-2023 | 14:34:21

Binh Duong provincial Farmers' Association and the district of Bac Tan Uyen have collaborated with various organizations to support the consumption of tons of oranges daily. The collective efforts of the Farmers' Association at all levels and other organizations and units have contributed to solving the problem of product consumption for farmers.

The  haste support

The district of Bac Tan Uyen has developed a specialized area for cultivating tropical fruits and has been granted a collective trademark by the Intellectual Property Office, known as "Bac Tan Uyen Oranges, Tangerines, and Pomelos". Currently, many farms and agricultural cooperatives are in the harvesting season, with hundreds of tons of oranges meeting VietGAP standards but facing difficulties in the marketing process. The large stockpile of agricultural products has affected the income, livelihood, production, and business of farmers. After the People's Committee of Bac Tan Uyen district issued a letter of appeal for support in the consumption of oranges for farmers, various units, organizations, agencies, and departments in the province actively shared information on social media platforms to mobilize community support.

Nguyen Van Huy, Chairman of the Farmers' Association in Bac Tan Uyen district, stated that "The Executive Committee of the Farmers' Association in the district has sent an official letter to the district's departments, organizations, People's Committees of communes and towns, as well as officials and employees in the district, urging them to support and promote the consumption of Grade 1 oranges at a price of VND 8,000 per kg."

The district farmers' association also has a proposal to the provincial farmers' association, the Vocational Training and Support Center for Farmers under the provincial farmers' association, in order to receive timely support and guidance to effectively carry out agricultural product consumption activities, assisting farmers during difficult times.

The Vocational Training and Support Services Center for People with Disabilities organizes a program to support the consumption of agricultural products in An Binh Ward of Di An city

In order to contribute to the consumption of oranges in farms and agricultural cooperatives in Bac Tan Uyen district, the Pprovincial Farmers' Union Executive Committee has directed the Vocational Training and Support Services Center for Farmers to develop a plan and implement it by involving Farmers' Unions in districts, towns, and cities in the province to support the consumption of agricultural products. The center, in coordination with the Farmers' Association of Di An city, organizes the program "Supporting Farmers' Consumption of Agricultural Products" in the wards within the city and receives support for the consumption of oranges from the Farmers' Associations at the provincial level.

Luong Minh Canh, Deputy Director of the Vocational Training and Support Services Center for Farmers, stated that: "Since the beginning of 2023, the center has facilitated the connection and consumption of tens of tons of agricultural products for farmers. In light of the difficulties faced by numerous farms and agricultural cooperatives in Tan Dinh commune, Bac Tan Uyen district, in terms of product consumption, the provincial Farmers' Association has provided guidance, and the center has sent a letter to various agencies, businesses, and local Farmers' Associations to seek collaborative support. In Di An city, the center coordinated to organize a support program in An Binh ward. In addition, the Farmers' Association of wards in Di An City is also actively campaigning to support orange consumption to help farmers in Bac Tan Uyen district.”

Consumption connection

In the last days of November, the Farmers' Association of Tan Dinh commune in Bac Tan Uyen district was busy coordinating with organizations and units participating in supporting the transportation, mobilization, and receiving of orange consumption orders. Nguyen Huynh Tuong Vi, Chair of Tan Dinh commune Farmers' Association, said: "By monitoring Farmers' production, the Association understands the situation of people's orange products that cannot be sold. After that, the association proposed and informed the district Farmers' Association to connect and support through many channels. The direction and concern of the provincial Farmers' Union, the Farmers' Union and unions at all levels in the district have created widespread support for farmers to consume agricultural products. Thereon, the commune Farmers' Union in coordination with the Fatherland Front, along with officials, civil servants and commune unions, has had many trips to bring dozens of tons of oranges to consumers.

With the joint effort to overcome difficulties, the Farmers' Union at all levels in the province continues to coordinate and mobilize support for Farmers during the current hard time. Pham Nhat Quang, Director of Hung Thuan General Cooperative in Tan Dinh commune of Bac Tan Uyen district, said: "The cooperative currently has 20 members. With the support and attention of associations and unions at the provincial and district levels, in the past 15 days the cooperative has sold 35 tons of VietGAP standard oranges.”

Activities connecting supply and demand and supporting the consumption of agricultural products and goods are one of the very necessary things, helping farmers overcome difficulties, maintain and develop production and business, and at the same time contribute to the local community regarding the methods of implementing social security policies. In the coming time, the provincial Farmers' Association will continue to direct the Center for Vocational Training and Farmers' Support Services to continue promoting its role in implementing the hexa helix linkage to proactively connect with reputable businesses to build a chain of links from production, processing and consumption of agricultural products.

On the other hand, the association strengthens the organization for members and farmers to participate in trade promotion activities, introducing and promoting products, coordinates well with the Central Farmers' and Rural Support Center of Vietnam Farmers' Union and Farmers' Associations of provinces and cities to build linking channels for agricultural product consumption, helping farmers produce and do business stably.

Reported by Kim Tuyen – Translated by Vi Bao

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