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Competition on law sorting household solid waste at source contributes to raising awarness of environmental protection

Update: 15-06-2024 | 10:46:38

On June 14, Phu Loi ward in Thu Dau Mot city organized a competition learning about the law sorting household solid waste at the source with the theme of "Approaching 3Rs: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle". Representatives from nine quarters in the ward participated in the competition.

The organizers present souvenir flags to teams participating in the competition

The competition was held in a theatrical format with two parts: The first part introducing each quarter’s environmental sanitation through story telling, poetry, and folk singing. In the second part, teams directly performed the sorting of household solid waste. As a result, the first prize went to quarter 5. Second and third prizes belonged to quarter7 and quarter 8, respectively. Additionally, the organizers awarded two special prizes to the oldest contestant and the team with the most enthusiastic and impressive supporters.

The competition contributed to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of education on sorting household solid waste at the source among people, while also encouraging individuals and organizations to participate in waste sorting efforts to protect the environment.

Reported by Quynh Anh-Translated by Kim Tin

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