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Connecting resources, sharing efforts to build up a compassionate community

Update: 23-11-2023 | 11:48:58

Taking care of the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the society is a task regularly carried out by provincial Red Cross Societies at all levels. They have mobilized the cooperation of society to create a large humanitarian ecosystem, acting as a "bridge" to connect resources to organize many humanitarian activities, providing additional motivation for those being helped to rise up in life.

Connecting with housing support

Do Manh Hung's family in An Binh commune’s Dong Sen hamlet in Phu Giao district is one of the local difficult circumstances. He and his wife work as rubber tappers, are often sick, cannot do heavy work, and have 2 young children in school. Their meager income from tapping rubber is only temporarily enough to cover their family's daily life. Their old house is degraded severely, but they cannot afford to repair it.

Nguyen Thi Le Trinh, Chairwoman of provincial Red Cross Society gives gifts for disadvantaged people who went to the "Zero dong”  market-day in Dau Tieng district

When being informed that the district’s Red Cross Society would support funding to build a new house for his family, Mr. Hung was really happy. Mr. Hung's dream of a warm house came true when provincial Red Cross Societies at all levels organized activities to celebrate the 77th founding anniversary of Vietnam Red Cross Society. November 20 was the most memorable day for Mr. Hung because that was the day his family received the new Red Cross house donated by Phu Giao district’s Red Cross Society.

Ho Thu Thuy, Chairwoman of Phu Giao district’s Red Cross Society said that in order to build a spacious and warm house of 70 square meters with a total construction cost of more than VND 148 million for Mr. Hung's family, the district’s Red Cross Society connected donors and units in and out of the locality to join hands in supporting. Accordingly, the district’s Red Cross Society mobilized Huynh Ngoc Cam Tu in Thu Dau Mot city’s Phu Hoa ward to support VND 80 million. In addition, there was also the support of 94 working days from officers and soldiers of the Commando Brigade 429, the Commando Battalion 60, the Infantry Regiment 271 and K9 Warehouse (equivalent to VND 28.2 million) and VND 40 million from the family.

Mobilizing funds and connecting resources to build “Red Cross” houses for poor households is one of the humanitarian activities always done by provincial Red Cross Societies at all levels. Nguyen Thi Le Trinh, Chairwoman of provincial Red Cross Society said that this was one of the models deployed by provincial Red Cross Society with practical results over the past time. This humanitarian activity attracted the attention of many officials, members, volunteers, businesses and donors. In 2023 alone, provincial Red Cross Societies at all levels mobilized and supported the construction of 69 new houses and the repair of 8 Red Cross houses with a total value of over VND 7.7 billion, helping 77 households with housing difficulties to stabilize their lives.

Building up a compassionate community

One of the outstanding activities of the Red Cross Society that has received the trust and cooperation of many organizations, units, businesses, and benefactors is the model of "Zero dong” market-days. This model has spread across the province, bringing joy to many poor people, blind people, workers, freelance workers, people with disabilities, those with difficult circumstances. This year, provincial Red Cross Societies at all levels have organized 218 market-days with a total value of VND 24.2 billion, supporting 42,309 people.

Especially, in 2023, provincial Red Cross Society has implemented a plan to award scholarships to disadvantaged students in the period of 2023-2028 with a total cost of about VND 60 billion, along with activities to support students with difficult circumstances to give strength to children on their learning path. The activity of awarding scholarships to poor-but-excellent students has been carried out by the society many years ago, but this school year, the scale of the program has been increased. Under the plan, provincial Red Cross Society will donate scholarships to 1,000 local students with difficult circumstances, with a total cost of VND 12 billion in the 2023-2024 school year.

Taking her grandchild, a 2nd grader to Thanh Tan Primary School in Dau Tieng district, for receiving a scholarship awarded by provincial Red Cross Association, Mai Thi Tuyen in Thanh An commune’s Thanh Tan hamlet was very happy. She shared: "His parents divorced, so his mother sent him to me. A few years ago, when still being healthy, I was able to help raise my child. But now, I'm weak and afraid of not having healthy enough to raise him. I was very excited when he received the scholarship. The family will use it to pay for his learning. I would like to thank provincial Red Cross Society and the community for supporting my nephew to receive this meaningful scholarship."

Many humanitarian activities and programs have continued being maintained and promoted effectively by provincial Red Cross Societies at all levels. For example, the 2023 "Tet of Kindness" movement mobilized and awarded 76,263 gifts worth between VND 300,000 and VND 3.3 million each, with a total value of VND 37.4 billion. The campaign of "Each organization, each individual is associated with a humanitarian address" surveyed, set up documents and provided regular assistance for 1,572 humanitarian addresses with over VND 5 billion. The 2023 Humanitarian Month also helped 49,973 disadvantaged people...

With the motto of "For everyone, everywhere", province Red Cross Societies at all levels have constantly innovated their operational contents and methods to care for and assist the poor in a timely and effective way. Mrs. Trinh shared: "Each activity and movement of the Red Cross Society is carried out wholeheartedly by staff, members, and volunteers. Upon this, the association has connected many resources to help many difficult situations in society, leaving a deep impression in the community, arousing the spirit of solidarity among people from all strata, joining hands in building a compassionate community. Through many specific, practical, and effective activities, provincial Red Cross Societies at all levels will further affirm their core role in humanitarian activities, contributing to well realizing the local policies on social welfare.

In 2023, the total value of activities on humanitarian social work, disaster prevention-response, public healthcare, and voluntary blood donation carried out by provincial Red Cross Associations at all levels has reached more than VND174.18 trillion, helping 531,956 people. Of the total figure, the total value of humanitarian social activities was over VND 143.1 billion, offering help to 408,415 people and humanitarian addresses.

Reported by Hong Thuan-Translated by Kim Tin

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