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Continue to build many models to maintain security and order at the grassroots

Update: 24-04-2024 | 14:39:33

Currently, there are 59 models built, managed, and documented in accordance with regulations in the province. The provincial police regularly direct local police to strengthen, consolidate, expand models, typical advanced, operate in the direction of self-defense, self-management, self-protection, self-mediation in order to promote effectiveness, serve crime prevention work and ensure security and order at the grassroots.

In 2023, the provincial police have advised on the construction of 5 new models including public fire fighting point, safety fire fighting team, team of workers in environmental sanitation participating in maintaining security and order in Thu Dau Mot city and Dau Tieng town. Mobile fire trucks are stationed in Uyen Hung Ward (Tan Uyen City) and the model of mobile fire and rescue teams in Vinh Tan Ward (Tan Uyen City). Annually, the police force organizes training courses to enhance legal knowledge and professional skills for members of these models and grassroots organizations to improve the necessary skills when participating in maintaining local security and order.

In 2023, the provincial police have advised to end 2 models that are no longer suitable.

Reported by L.T. Phuong – Translated by Vi Bao

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