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Dau Tieng district’s ethnic minority communities always receive attention and care

Update: 07-12-2023 | 14:57:44

In recent years, alongside the focus on investing resources in economic and social development, Dau Tieng district has also successfully implemented the Party's and State's policies towards ethnic minority communities. As a result, the material and spiritual lives of these communities have been improved, contributing to the construction of a united and cohesive national community.

Recently, various organizations and departments in Dau Tieng district have been actively involved in caring for ethnic minority communities. In the photo: Dau Tieng Youth Union, in collaboration with the Provincial Youth Union of the Police, presents scholarships to students who are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Bringing about change in ethnic minority communities

Returning to Minh Hoa commune, traveling on straight and spacious roads adorned with elegant and sturdy houses, we can feel the prosperity of this rural area. Leading us along the asphalt road to the hamlet, Pham Van Hoang Sang, Head of Hoa Loc hamlet's Executive Committee, informed us that Hoa Loc is the locality with the highest number of Cham ethnic people in the district, with nearly 200 households. In 2023, the Cham ethnic community has successfully demonstrated the spirit of unity, compassion, and collective effort in carrying out various local movements and campaigns. The Party Committee, government, and mass organizations at all levels have always shown concern and provided support for the economic development and cultural improvement of the Cham people. As a result, the Cham community remains united, bonded, and actively contributes to the development of their homeland.

In recent times, thanks to the attention of the Party Committee, government authorities, and various organizations, the living conditions of ethnic minority communities in Minh Hoa have been improved and continuously enhanced. The children of these communities receive free vocational training and are provided with job opportunities after completing their training. Additionally, the Minh Hoa commune has also allocated funds for clean water, environmental sanitation, and employment solutions for households belonging to ethnic minority groups. Alongside that, the People's Committee of the commune coordinated efforts to donate a warm house worth 110 million VND and thousands of gifts during festive occasions such as holidays and Tet.

As a minority ethnic family facing difficult housing circumstances, Ksiu Ho Phia, a Bana ethnic person from Hoa Thanh hamlet, Minh Hoa commune, shared: "Our family is very fortunate to receive timely attention and support from various organizations as well as the local authorities. Having a solid house like this is something that our family could never have dreamed of, but now it has become a reality. With a home, we will strive to work harder."

In an interview with us, Nguyen Thanh Liem, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Minh Hoa commune, stated that there are currently 239 households of ethnic minorities in the commune, mainly consisting of the Cham people living in Hoa Loc hamlet, while the rest live scattered in other hamlets. Overall, the living conditions of these ethnic minority households are relatively stable, with their main occupations being fishing and farming. The synchronized and effective solutions implemented by authorities at all levels have brought about a strong transformation in perception, instilling a firm belief in the leadership of the Party and the State among the people.

Livehood elevation efforts

Information about the socio-economic development in areas with a large population of ethnic minorities, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Dau Tieng district, said that in recent years, thanks to the concentrated investment from the State, the living and production conditions of the ethnic minority communities in the district have undergone positive changes. In general, the lives of ethnic minority communities are relatively stable, with their economy primarily relying on agricultural production and the cultivation of various crops such as rubber, cashews, and wheat. Additionally, some households engage in small-scale trading activities in local markets. The majority of these communities own land and have stable housing, with access to clean water projects that ensure their daily livelihoods.

In recent times, Dau Tieng district has always shown concern and successfully implemented social welfare work for ethnic minority communities. This includes improving access to public services, supporting production through preferential loans, interest rate assistance, ensuring employment, and developing infrastructure for localities. Specifically, in 2023, Dau Tieng district has organized job introductions and prioritized vocational training for ethnic minority communities, including classes on tapping rubber latex, cooking banquet meals, sewing household items, growing pomelo, animal husbandry and veterinary techniques, and mushroom cultivation. They have effectively implemented support policies in the field of education, such as tuition fee waivers and providing insurance cards for ethnic minority students from poor and near-poor households. They have also conducted visits and gift-giving activities on occasions such as holidays and festivals.

In addition to activities that cater to material well-being, Dau Tieng district also places great importance on organizing cultural and artistic events, as well as sports activities that attract a large number of ethnic minority people to participate, such as football tournaments, volleyball matches, stick pushing, tug of war, and military formation walking competitions. They ensure access to information in ethnic minority households and regularly organize mobile film screenings to enhance the cultural and spiritual life of the community.

To better carry out the task of caring for ethnic minority communities in the coming period, in addition to the key solution of prioritizing economic development alongside comprehensive development in education, healthcare, preserving and promoting cultural identity, Dau Tieng district continues to strengthen propaganda efforts and mobilize ethnic minority communities to comply with the Party's policies and state laws, promoting the people’s unity, and helping ethnic communities to escape poverty,” said Tung.

Reported by Hong Phuong – Translated by Vi Bao

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